50 Fall Trivia Questions and Answers

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Welcome to our Fall-themed trivia challenge! Test your knowledge on all things Autumn as we delve into the vibrant season that marks the transition from Summer to Winter. Get ready to discover fascinating facts about Fall’s colorful foliage, traditional festivities, and the natural wonders it brings. Can you unravel the mysteries behind this enchanting time of year?

Paragraph 2 (50 words): Fall, also known as Autumn, occurs between Summer and Winter. During this season, the days grow shorter, and the temperatures begin to drop. Trees shed their leaves, painting the landscapes in brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow. It’s a time of harvest, festivals, and various cultural celebrations worldwide. Now, let’s uncover more Fall wonders!

From the iconic pumpkin patches and corn mazes to the cultural richness of Diwali, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, Fall offers an array of experiences for everyone. Did you know that migratory birds take flight during this season, embarking on their remarkable journeys? Get ready to embrace the spirit of Fall and immerse yourself in its captivating trivia!

Fall Trivia Questions


#1. What month does Fall typically begin?

#2. Which fruit is commonly associated with Fall?

#3. In which country is the tradition of Oktoberfest celebrated?

#4. What is the name of the American festival where people celebrate the harvest with a large feast?

#5. Which famous football league is played during the Fall season in the United States?

#6. What is the term for the shedding of leaves from trees during Fall?

#7. Which event marks the end of Fall and the beginning of Winter?

#8. What is the name for the corn mazes that are popular during Fall?

#9. What type of vegetable is carved into jack-o'-lanterns during Halloween?

#10. Which mythical creature is often associated with Fall and Halloween?

#11. What is the traditional color of Fall leaves before they change colors?

#12. Which Fall fruit is also known as a "cranberry"?

#13. In the Northern Hemisphere, Fall corresponds to which months?

#14. Which constellation is prominently visible during Fall?

#15. What is the term for the practice of preserving food for the Winter in preparation for Fall harvest?

#16. What is the name for the hot drink made from apple cider, spices, and served during Fall?

#17. Which animal is known for collecting and storing nuts during Fall?

#18. Which Fall festival involves floating illuminated lanterns on water?

#19. In which state is the famous "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" held?

#20. What is the name for the male deer during Fall when they grow new antlers?

#21. Which country is credited with the tradition of Halloween?

#22. What is the name for the harvest festival celebrated in many Asian countries?

#23. Which Fall holiday is known as the "Day of the Dead"?

#24. What is the name for the traditional scarecrow used in farming during Fall?

#25. Which type of nut is commonly used in Fall baking and desserts?

#26. In which ancient civilization did the tradition of corn mazes originate?

#27. What is the name of the festival celebrating the end of the Fall harvest in China?

#28. Which mythological character is associated with Fall and rebirth?

#29. What is the term for the phenomenon of leaves changing color in Fall?

#30. Which type of flower is commonly associated with Fall and comes in various colors like red, yellow, and orange?

#31. What is the name of the harvest festival celebrated by Native Americans?

#32. Which Fall festival is known for its large, colorful kites?

#33. What is the name of the famous Fall meteor shower?

#34. Which animal is associated with Halloween and considered a symbol of bad luck?

#35. What is the traditional drink made from fermented apples and consumed during Fall in Europe?

#36. In Celtic traditions, what is the name for the festival that marks the beginning of Fall?

#37. Which fruit is used to make a popular Fall pie?

#38. What is the name of the squirrel in the animated film "Ice Age" who is known for his acorn obsession?

#39. Which tree species is known for its vibrant red leaves during Fall?

#40. What is the name of the festival celebrated by Hindus that marks the victory of light over darkness?

#41. Which animal is associated with Fall in various cultures and is considered a symbol of transformation?

#42. What is the term for the season between Fall and Spring?

#43. Which country celebrates "Guy Fawkes Night" with bonfires and fireworks during Fall?

#44. What is the name for the traditional Japanese art of creating miniature landscapes with plants and trees?

#45. Which Fall festival involves dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door for treats?

#46. What is the term for the act of birds flying to warmer regions during the Fall?

#47. Which famous playwright wrote the tragedy "Macbeth," which features scenes set in Fall?

#48. What is the name for the female turkey?

#49. Which Fall event involves dressing up scarecrows and displaying them in gardens or fields?

#50. In Chinese philosophy, which element is associated with Fall?


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