30 Billionaire Trivia Questions and Answers

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Everybody wishes to be a billionaire. Before being a billionaire, you need to know your ‘fellow’ billionaires. This trivia will guide you through various influential and famous billionaires of the world.

Billionaire Trivia is a fun and amazing game that can bring friends and family members together. This article has 30 questions surrounding billionaires of the world and their achievements. Try to tackle these questions to improve your knowledge of billionaires.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 20

Hard Questions: 21 to 30

30 Billionaire Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. There are how many billionaires in the World?

#2. Who is the richest man on earth as of 2022?

#3. What percentage of billionaires consist of males?

#4. Which of the following countries has the highest number of billionaires?

#5. Who's the richest woman in the World as of 2022?

#6. Who is the richest billionaire on the continent Africa?

#7. Which magazine can you find billionaires' information on?

#8. Which of the following company is the greatest contributor to Bill Gates's net worth?

#9. Who's the richest man in India as of 2022?

#10. What is the primary source of income of Bernard Arnault?

#11. The billionaire Sheldon Adelson is a citizen of which Country?

#12. What is my name? I am the current UK Prime Minister and worth more than $5 Billion. In addition, I'm the leader of the conservative party.

#13. Which billionaire is behind the famous SpaceX?

#14. Which company made Larry Page a billionaire?

#15. Who's the founder of Adani Group?

#16. Who's the richest billionaire in the Continent Asia as of 2022?

#17. Which billionaire lost almost half his net worth to divorce suit in 2021?

#18. What is the nationality of the billionaire Stefan Persson?

#19. What is the estimated net worth of Sergey Brin as of 2022?

#20. Leonardo Del Vecchio is a famous billionaire who owns an Eyeglass Company. He comes from which Country?

#21. Which billionaire has built his net worth from Facebook Company?

#22. The wealthiest man in Africa comes from which Country

#23. Who's the richest billionaire in Continent Europe as of 2022?

#24. Who's the youngest billionaire in the World?

#25. Who's the richest billionaire in Continent North America as of 2022?

#26. Which of the following countries in South America has the most billionaires?

#27. Who's the oldest billionaire in the World?

#28. Who's the richest billionaire in Continent South America as of 2022?

#29. In which year did the billionaire Michael Dell establish the Dell Technologies company?

#30. John Mars is among the top 50 richest people on earth. What is his nationality?


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