50 Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers

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Aviation is one of the dream jobs for many students. Are you a pilot, or do you love anything to do with aviation? If yes, then you’ll enjoy this trivia. Having been around for several centuries, the Aviation career is associated with numerous ideas and facts. Thus, you came to the right place to know more about aviation.

You do not have to be professional aviation to answer these questions. These aviation questions are perfect for keeping your night going. Take up the challenge and try to tackle the following aviation trivia questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Boeing 777 has how many engines?

#2. Where can you find the Gatwick Airport

#3. There are how many parts in the Boeing 747?

#4. When did the aviator Charles Lindbergh cross the Atlantic Ocean?

#5. Which city hosted the first free flight of a hot air balloon carrying a human?

#6. Which is the code of Los Angeles International Airport?

#7. Which US State is declared the birthplace of aviation?

#8. Who founded the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motors Company?

#9. Which was the first Aircraft to exceed the speed of sound?

#10. Which is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world?

#11. In which year has Ohio declared the birthplace of Aviation in the US?

#12. Which was the first commercial airline in the world?

#13. Which airplane is used by the US president?

#14. When was the first successful flight launched?

#15. A cabin window of an airplane is made up of how many panels?

#16. What do we call the white line left behind by the airplane in the sky?

#17. What name is given to the Helicopter part that spins at the top?

#18. Which term refers to the fear of flying?

#19. What is the color of the Flight Data Recorder?

#20. Antonov AN-225 airplane falls in which category of airplanes?

#21. Which of the following Aircraft has wings but does not have a motor?

#22. Choose a supersonic aircraft.

#23. Which country invented the rocket?

#24. Which country came up with the idea of flying kites?

#25. Which of the following airplane is a military aircraft?

#26. Who among the following was the first air controller?

#27. In aviation, what does the term supersonic mean?

#28. Which was the original name of Dirigibles in the 1920s?

#29. Which of the following Aircraft has a motor but no wings?

#30. Which of the following Aircraft is usually referred to as Hercules?

#31. In which year did the first flight attendant appear on a passenger flight?

#32. The first airplane ran on which type of fuel?

#33. The Russian Vityaz has how many engines?

#34. Who came up with the Helicopter?

#35. In the history of aviation, who is believed to have invented the word "Aviation"?

#36. What is the capacity of an A380 airplane?

#37. An airplane can operate with one engine only.

#38. What is the maximum capacity of an A-320 airplane?

#39. Boeing is one of the largest Aircraft in the world. Where is its headquarters located?

#40. Which country founded Airbus?

#41. Which is the top-selling commercial airplane of all time?

#42. Which pilot was the first to fly solo around the world?

#43. Who came up with the Seaplane?

#44. When was the first human-carrying glider invented?

#45. Who became the first person to fly solo from New York to Paris?

#46. Who was the first female to be awarded a pilot's license in the US?

#47. Who was the first female pilot to break the sound barrier?

#48. Which of the following Aircraft broke the record for the circumnavigation of the globe?

#49. Pilots and Co-pilots eat different meals while flying.

#50. Who was the first African American female to be awarded a pilot's license?


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