50 Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you believe in your basketball competency? Or do you think you know the history of all basketball players? Then, this post is for you.

Basketball trivia can be a fantastic game, especially with friends or other basketball fans. The basketball trivia will examine your knowledge of activities related to basketball. Besides that, trivia allows one to boost their basketball knowledge.

Here are 50 trivia questions that will gauge your proficiency.

1 to 10: Easy Questions

11 to 30: Medium Questions

31 to 50: Hard Questions

Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which basketball player was the first to score three points in NBA history?

#2. What is the name given to the basketball league in the world?

#3. Which basketball team won the first NBA match?

#4. There are how many players in a court from one team?

#5. Who was the first African-American to participate in NBA games

#6. What happens when a player fails to dribble the ball while moving?

#7. Which is Not a variety of shots in basketball?

#8. Who invented basketball?

#9. When was basketball invented?

#10. Which basketball team won the 2018 NBA championship?

#11. In which year was NBA founded?

#12. There are how many teams in the NBA league?

#13. Who retired unexpectedly in 1991?

#14. Which NBA player was the first teenager to score more than twenty points in 10 consecutive games?

#15. The shortest player in the NBA history is

#16. Which basketball player has the most career points?

#17. How many NBA games did Robert Parish appear in?

#18. Who's the tallest basketball player in NBA history?

#19. The youngest NBA player to record three triple-doubles was?

#20. Which player was nicknamed after the AK-47 rifle?

#21. Who was the first basketballer to test positive for COVID-19?

#22. Which player won NBA MVP, All-Star Game MVP, and NBA Finals MVP awards in 2000?

#23. What was the number of the jersey which Denver wore during his career?

#24. Where did the Dallas Mavericks team get its name from?

#25. What is the alias name of Julius Erving?

#26. Which player in the history of the NBA was the first to win 8 NBA titles?

#27. Who was the coach of the Boston Celtics team between 1950 to 1966?

#28. Which basketball team has many influential players in the Hall of Fame?

#29. How many personal fouls will make a basketball player get removed from a game?

#30. Which year did NBA have more than 36 million viewers?

#31. Which was the first team to be signed by the NBA?

#32. Which jersey number is disallowed by the NBA?

#33. What was the nickname of Larry Johnson?

#34. Which player won the Nestle Crunch Slam Dunk Contest in 1998?

#35. Which player from Chinese was the first to play in NBA games?

#36. Which basketball player has won the most MVPs?

#37. Who was the first coach in NBA to win an NBA title and National championship?

#38. Which NBA player is nicknamed Plastic Man?

#39. Which player has blocked many shots in NBA?

#40. Who was the first coach of the Dallas Mavericks team?

#41. Which player has most of his shots blocked?

#42. Which NBA team has won 8 consecutive championships awards?

#43. What are the minimum points allowed for an opponent in the second half of an NBA match?

#44. Which player won the MVP in the 2014/15 season?

#45. Which players won the Most Improved Player Award and the Sixth Man of the Year in the same season?

#46. Which NBA Player featured in the Uncle Drew film in 2018?

#47. Which pairs of players are referred to as the Splash Brother?

#48. Which player recorded a quadruple double in NBA history?

#49. Which player became paralyzed after a head injury during a game?

#50. What is the minimum time the team can stay in possession of the ball before shooting?


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Final Thoughts

I hope you have gained new knowledge about basketball. How well do you know basketball players and activities? Which questions did you find hard to tackle?

You can share the trivia with other basketball lovers to examine how well they know basketball. In addition, you can find similar trivia questions on this website.

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