50 Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

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A Biblical quiz game is a fun and innovative method to learn more about God’s Word while exercising your spiritual muscles! To put your knowledge to the test, here are some simple, medium, and challenging questions from both the Old and New Testaments.

You may play this on a fun family night, a car drive, or your next Bible class. Split into teams and ask questions, play one-on-one, or put these on your social media profile to create real debate. Check out the following questions and try to tackle them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Bible Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. The old testament has 39 books. How many are in the new testament?

#2. Who wrote the first five books in the Old Testament?

#3. According to the bible, what did David use to defeat Goliath?

#4. Which two birds were present among the things Noah sent from the Ark?

#5. Which sacrifice did God ask Abraham to make for Him on Mount Moriah?

#6. "Prevail with God" was a term used to refer to Israel. Who was the female judge in that country?

#7. David was a known musician. Which instrument did he use to play?

#8. In which city did wise men bring gifts for Jesus when he was born?

#9. Jesus was baptized in River Jordan. Who baptized him?

#10. At what age was Jesus when he started his ministry?

#11. Who appeared to Mary and told her she would give birth to Jesus?

#12. Which is the first and last book in the Old Testament?

#13. During the time of Zechariah, who was the high priest?

#14. "However, I consider those things that were gain to me as a loss for Christ" who said these words according to the Philippians?

#15. What does Paul refer to in Galatians?

#16. Eunuch was helped by who to understand the book of Isaiah.

#17. Which species tempted Adam and Eve to eat fruits from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden?

#18. Who was there when Moses floated down the River Nile?

#19. Which disciple did people talk about that he will not die?

#20. Which sign did God use to speak with Moses in the desert?

#21. When it rained in the Ark for forty days and nights, which sigh did God show Noah that he would never destroy the earth again?

#22. How many plagues did God use to punish the Egyptians in the time of Pharaoh?

#23. Jesus had brothers and a sister. How many are named in the bible?

#24. Which mountain did Moses receive the Ten Commandments from God?

#25. Who was summoned out of prison by Pharaoh to interpret his dream?

#26. Which captain of the Pharaoh's guards bought Joseph?

#27. What was put on the tomb's entrance where Joseph of Arimathea played Jesus?

#28. Which commandment relates that you shall not make and worship idols?

#29. Which is not among the nine fruits of the holy spirit?

#30. Matthew, Mark, John, and Luke in New Testament are collectively referred to as?

#31. Which river was not flowing in the garden of Eden?

#32. The Old Testament was written in which language?

#33. Which idol stature did the Israelites worship while Moses was away?

#34. Aaron and Moses were brothers, too. Who?

#35. Jesus, during his ministry, fasted for how many days and nights in the wilderness?

#36. Who replaced Judas Iscariot and became the 13th apostle?

#37. According to the book of Revelation, what was the American city also referred to?

#38. At what place was the wedding, where Jesus changed water into wine?

#39. After Jesus fed a crowd of 5000 men, how many baskets did the disciples collect as leftovers?

#40. Which color is not among the described four horses in Revelation?

#41. Peter and Andrew were the first disciples to follow Jesus. Which profession were they doing?

#42. Thou shall not steal, Is which commandment in the bible?

#43. Who was the first man and woman to be created in the world?

#44. Who was not among the sons of Adam and Eve?

#45. At Damascus, which disciple was told to find the Saul of Tarsus and lay his hands on him to that he could see again?

#46. Who escaped from prison, and Herod ordered to be put to death?

#47. What name is referred to the four Biblical accounts of Jesus' life?

#48. Which man did James use to demonstrate how the prayers of a righteous man can have powerful results?

#49. Who is Paul's colleague prisoner, according to Philemon?


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How did you find the trivia? I hope you’ve learned more about biblical concepts and ideas. You can share the trivia with your friends and rate their knowledge of the Bible.

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