50 Cars Trivia Questions and Answers

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Cars lovers, you can smile. The car trivia is back. How well do you know the types of cars? Do you love anything in locomotive form? If yes, this article is for you.

Cars trivia analyzes various cars’ types, models, and features and test your knowledge of locomotives. Below we’ve packed several questions that will challenge your car knowledge. Choose the correct option answer amongst the four choices.

Let’s hit the road and try to solve the following questions.

50 Cars Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which is the top-selling car of all time?

#2. Which country consumes the most gas in a year?

#3. Which is the most common and popular color of the car?

#4. How many parts does a typical car have?

#5. When was the modern automobile introduced?

#6. On average, there are how many accidents in the United States?

#7. The original color of Ferrari models was?

#8. How many car parts are recyclable?

#9. Which brand of car is the most stolen in the United States?

#10. Which was the first Tesla car introduced?

#11. How long does the Airbag take to inflate in case of an accident?

#12. Which car model features a bull on its logo?

#13. How many rings are there in an Audi Logo?

#14. Which was the first jet-propelled car?

#15. Which was the first car to be sent to the moon (2018)?

#16. Which car brand became the first to break the sound barrier?

#17. Which car manufacturer also produces airplane engines?

#18. Which is the top-selling electric car brand?

#19. Which car is famously known as Widow Maker?

#20. Who introduced the automotive industry?

#21. What liquid is used to cool the car's system?

#22. Which was RX-8 introduced in the car industry?

#23. Which car company introduced the RX-8?

#24. Who introduced the Ford Mustang in 1964?

#25. Which is the parent company of Chevrolet?

#26. Which year was the first mercury Cougar introduced?

#27. Who established the Ford Motor Company?

#28. Which year was the Ford Motor Company established?

#29. When was the first diseal-propelled engine introduced?

#30. Which was the first car model to have seat belts?

#31. Which animal is featured in the Porsche Logo?

#32. Who introduced and designed the Volkswagen Beetle

#33. Which is the oldest car company and still in operation today?

#34. Which car brand has a lion on its logo?

#35. Which car model became the most valuable automobile manufacturer in the world in 2020?

#36. Which was the first car brand to go over 100 mph?

#37. Which car brand was the first to have laser beam headlights?

#38. How many dots are there on a Bugatti model?

#39. Which car brand has a diamond-shaped logo?

#40. Most of the sports cars have how many seats?

#41. In which year was Porsche Cayenne launched?

#42. Which brand has "Go Further" as its slogan?

#43. The Holden car brand originates from which country?

#44. Which is the most expensive car brand as of 2022?

#45. Which country is the leading manufacturer of cars in the world as of 2022?

#46. Which of these car brands is a Korean car brand?

#47. I am a car brand, and my name is similar to that of a planet. What is my name?

#48. Which is a Czech Republican car brand?

#49. The first motor race was held in which year?

#50. Volkswagen is a German word that means?


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