50 Did you know about Science Trivia

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Science has been in existence since the old days. It works from all edges of the world, and thus it may affect our daily operations positively or negatively. Apart from classwork, we can learn so much in Science.

If you are a fan of science trivia, you got the right article. There are some cool science questions. These questions cover interesting science facts and other related fields. In addition, this is the best way to throw teasers at your family member or friends.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Did you know about Science Trivia


#1. Who discovered the concept of the force of gravity?

#2. The hardest natural substance found on Earth is?

#3. Which gas takes the largest percentage in the atmosphere?

#4. The rainbow has how many colors?

#5. Which is the largest or biggest planet in the solar system?

#6. There are how many bones in a normal human body?

#7. There are how many bones in the body of a shark?

#8. Where does the sound travel faster?

#9. Which is the longest grass in the world?

#10. How long does the light take to reach the Earth's surface?

#11. How many days does venus take to rotate on its axis?

#12. What does the Geiger Counter instrument measure?

#13. Which is the heaviest part of the body?

#14. Which is Not a state of matter?

#15. Which planet is referred to as a dwarf planet?

#16. Do airplanes go in the reverse direction?

#17. At what temperature do Fahrenheit and Celsius equal?

#18. Which freezes faster?

#19. Can you create gold from other elements?

#20. Electrons are smaller than atoms.

#21. Human Beings and Chimpanzees share how much DNA?

#22. Which of the nine planets has a ring around it?

#23. Which researcher wrote the history about time?

#24. The deepest ocean in the world is known as?

#25. Which liquid is capable of flowing against gravity?

#26. Octopuses have how many hearts?

#27. Which animal can run over 75 miles per hour?

#28. Who came up with the Natural Selection idea?

#29. Which type of cloud is most fluffy and is usually seen on a sunny day?

#30. Bones come in different sizes and shapes. Which is the smallest?

#31. Which cells are NOT found in both plant and animal cells?

#32. Butterfly has how many stages of the life cycle?

#33. Which one is NOT a stage of the butterfly life cycle?

#34. Besides the butterfly, which other animals follow the same metamorphosis as the housefly?

#35. Octopuses have how many brains?

#36. There are how many elements in the periodic table?

#37. Most of the metals are solid. Which one is a liquid at room temperature?

#38. What is the age of Earth?

#39. Which is the coolest place on planet Earth?

#40. What is the Color of the blood of octopuses?

#41. Which researcher came up with the theory of relativity?

#42. What units are used in measuring electric currents?

#43. The largest tsunami ever recorded occurred where?

#44. How long does the blood cell take to complete the circuit in the body?

#45. Tomatoes contain how many genes?

#46. A normal person has how many liters of blood?

#47. What is the weight of the biggest Robot in the world?

#48. Scientists have found another continent of Earth. Therefore, there are eight continents on Earth. What is the name of the new continent?

#49. Can you charge a phone with pee?

#50. The Universe is made of how many galaxies?


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Final Thoughts

How did you find the trivia? I hope you’ve learned new science concepts and ideas. You can share the trivia with your friends and rate their knowledge of the science field.

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