50 Greece Trivia Questions and Answers

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Greece is a country in Southeastern Europe surrounded by Albania, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Greece, with a population of more than 10 million, is recognized for its rich history. The country is regarded as the cradle of Western civilization, with a lengthy and intriguing history stretching back to antiquity. The Greece trivia questions below are intended to test your knowledge of this European country while also teaching you a few intriguing things that you may not be aware of!

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 5

50 Greece Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Where in Europe is Greece located?

#2. What is Greece's capital?

#3. Which is the current currency of Greece?

#4. There are how many colors in the Greece flag?

#5. Which combination are the colors found in Greece's flag?

#6. How many countries share the same border with Greece?

#7. What is the name of Greece's biggest island?

#8. What is Greece's longest river?

#9. Oia is located on which island?

#10. Which of these countries does not border Greece?

#11. Approximately what is Greece's population?

#12. When did Greece's War of Independence begin?

#13. How many letters are there in the Greek alphabet?

#14. What proportion of Greece is mountainous and hilly?

#15. What is Greece's national dish?

#16. How many seas are found on the border of Greece?

#17. What does Athens have in more abundance than any other city?

#18. Approximately there are how many inhabited Greek Islands?

#19. What year was the first Olympic Games staged at Olympia, a town in southern Greece?

#20. Which Greek island is home to the Acropolis of Lindos?

#21. What kind of governance did the Greeks invent?

#22. Greece has how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

#23. How long did building the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens take?

#24. Greece is a significant European Union member. When did Greece join the European Union?

#25. Which of the following mountain ranges does not exist in Greece?

#26. What type of construction is the Tower of the Winds in Athens' Roman Agora?

#27. Which sea does not border Greece?

#28. Around 1640 BC, which Cyclades island saw a catastrophic volcanic eruption?

#29. What does Greece commemorate on March 25th?

#30. Which Greek temple stands alone on top of a mountain in the Peloponnese?

#31. Greece is not endowed with many natural resources. However, it is home to aluminum ore. What is it called?

#32. When did Greece become a member of NATO?

#33. What island was home to the ancient Greek cities of Tylissus, Gortyn, and Lyttus?

#34. What is Greece's national animal?

#35. In Greek, how do you say good morning?

#36. Ferries come in Gaios' port from which island?

#37. In Greece, which branch of Christianity is usually practiced?

#38. How many Olympian gods did Greece have?

#39. When Alexander the Great died, how old was he?

#40. What is the most well-known export crop in the country?

#41. In Greek mythology, who is the ruler of the gods?

#42. What is the name of the Greek islands where people live significantly longer than average?

#43. What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

#44. Who was the goddess of beauty and love in Greek mythology?

#45. What is the stadium's name that was rebuilt for the Olympic Games in 1896?

#46. Which Greek island features one of the world's most stunning hikes?

#47. When did Greece switch to the Euro as its official currency?

#48. What was the name of the Greek Sun God?

#49. Who was the author of "The Apology of Socrates"?

#50. What is Greece's most visited landmark?


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