50 Health Trivia questions and Answers

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Are you a medical boffin or a medical student? Or do you think you know everything about health? If yes, you’re going to enjoy this trivia.

Health questions are beneficial not only to medical students but also to everyone. They help refresh our minds with new medical-related ideas and knowledge. Answering health questions is the perfect way to keep the night going and have fun interacting with your classmates or age mates. Check out the following health questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Health Trivia questions and Answers


#1. What part of the body uses more oxygen than other body parts?

#2. In which part of the body can you find the largest bone?

#3. Which body organ is affected by Cardiac arrest?

#4. A typical human being has how many patellas?

#5. In Which body system can you find the Tranchea?

#6. In Which part of the body can you find the smallest bones?

#7. Which blood cells help in fighting diseases and infections?

#8. The eyes blink how many times in one minute?

#9. The first kidney transplant took place in which year?

#10. Which fruit has the highest calories?

#11. Where can you find the gluteus?

#12. Which spice helps in fixing motion sickness and nausea?

#13. Which mineral helps to prevent Osteoporosis?

#14. Which part of the body or organ homes the strongest muscle?

#15. Which is the highest contaminant found in fish and other sea creatures?

#16. Which type of teeth are found between incisors and premolars?

#17. Which of the following disease cannot be protected by MMR Vaccine?

#18. Which of these cells is found in the brain?

#19. What is the average number of bones in the human body?

#20. Which is the largest organ in the human body?

#21. Which disease is not protected by the DTaP Vaccines?

#22. Which body part is affected by Hepatitis A?

#23. What is the biological name of inflammation of the uterus?

#24. What is the name given to a specialist of the nose?

#25. Which name is given to an overgrowth of scar tissue?

#26. Which is not a tissue found in the Human body?

#27. What is Anosmia?

#28. Enteritis inflammation is associated with which part of the body?

#29. Which body organ controls and regulates the blood sugar levels in the body?

#30. What is referred to as Rapid Eye movement?

#31. What is the scientific name of the study of tissues?

#32. Which disease is associated with improper production of insulin in the body?

#33. The nephrologist are specialist doctors of which body organ?

#34. Which blood type is considered the universal donor?

#35. There are how many muscles in a Human Body?

#36. Which nutrient improves the strength of bones?

#37. Which body organ primarily stores Vitamin A?

#38. What do we call the process of removal of the gall bladder from the human body?

#39. The Sphygmomanometer is used for measuring ______.

#40. Which is Not a type of gland?

#41. Approximately what is the length of small intestines?

#42. Which Animal shares 98.8% of their DNA with Human beings?

#43. In which century were the antibiotics introduced?

#44. What is the medical term for excessive sweating?

#45. Who invented medical diagnosis, prognosis, and advanced medical ethics?

#46. Which vein connects the brain to the heart?

#47. Which human tissue stores the fats in the body?

#48. Which of these disorders is associated with bones?

#49. Cholangiocarcinoma affects which part of the body?

#50. What is the name of the surgery on the arm?


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