50 Insects Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you love watching insects fly? Do you love the color of their beautiful wings? Or do you like anything associated with insects? If yes, you’ll enjoy this trivia.

These creatures, insects, have been around for the longest time. Besides their importance in the ecosystem, insects play a vital role in improving our moods. Additionally, insects play a central role in our food chain. Let’s learn more about these creatures by tackling the following trivia questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Insects Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. What percentage of animals are insects?

#2. Which organ is Not found in insects?

#3. Which insects are known to produce honey?

#4. Housfly has how many eyes?

#5. Which of these insects has its eyes on its genitalia?

#6. Which of these immature forms does not pass through Pupal Stage?

#7. How do bees communicate?

#8. Which insect is named after celebrity Beyonce?

#9. Which part does the snail used to smell?

#10. Which insect was regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt?

#11. Which is the most common insect in the World?

#12. Which insect is regarded as the largest in the World?

#13. Which insect is largely found in Amazon Forest?

#14. What are the largest miles of ant colony ever recorded?

#15. Which type of butterfly is the largest in the World?

#16. Caterpillar has how many eyes?

#17. Which insect is characterized by large-colorful wings which are covered with tiny scales?

#18. Where are the taste sensors of butterflies located?

#19. What does an insect used to smell?

#20. A Typical mosquito has how many legs?

#21. What is the lifespan of a mosquito?

#22. Which insect has a thick and hard outer pair of wings?

#23. Which is the smallest animal ever recorded?

#24. Dragonfly flaps its wings how many times per second?

#25. What is the maximum distance flea can jump?

#26. What do termites eat as their food?

#27. Which of these insects has a hearing organ in one of its wing veins?

#28. Which is regarded as the loudest insect in the World?

#29. Which is the fastest animal in the World?

#30. How do ants communicate?

#31. Which is the 3rd Stage of the butterfly's lifecycle stage?

#32. Which insect transmit sleeping disorder to a human being?

#33. What is the lifespan of a cicada?

#34. Male mosquitoes bite Human beings.

#35. Some Ants can Fly.

#36. Which of these insects has four equally-sized wings?

#37. The boll weevil is found in which type of insects?

#38. Which class contains Moths and butterflies?

#39. What insects share the same properties (Bioluminescent) with fungi?

#40. What does the word mosquito mean?

#41. Which insect does not lie in the class of Hymenoptera?

#42. What is the name given to the family of robber flies?

#43. Which insects survive on animal waste?

#44. What is the scientific name of studying insects?

#45. Which kinds of insects are commonly used for research?

#46. Which insects are associated with the biblical plaques

#47. Which of these insects can fly backward?

#48. Which was the first insect to be sent to space?

#49. Which part of the body do the water bugs use for breathing?

#50. Who's regarded as the father of entomology?


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