50 Mountain Trivia Questions and Answers

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What are men to mountains and rocks? Everybody wants to be recognized as a guru regarding knowledge about unique and lofty places. Have you ever thought of being a mountain quizzes guru? Or are you already a mountain quizzes guru?

Mountain Trivia questions will guide you through numerous questions examining your knowledge of mountains. The trivia will tower you worldwide as you try to tackle mountain quizzes from the tallest to the smallest.

Check out the following trivia questions and try to tackle them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Mountain Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which mountain is found between seas (the Black Sea and the Capsian Sea)?

#2. The tallest mountain in the World is known as?

#3. Mount Appalachian mountain ranges are spread over three countries. Which one is Not?

#4. Which mountain is ranked as the tallest mountain in Africa of all time?

#5. Which of the following ranges means "Black Mountain"?

#6. Mount Everest is the Tallest mountain in World. Which is the second in rank?

#7. Which is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush mountain?

#8. Which is the tallest mountain in California as of 2022?

#9. In which US state can you find Bever Summer mountains?

#10. What is the name given to the mountain, which peak means "Five Treasuries of the Great Snow"?

#11. Which continent can you find mount K2?

#12. Which Asian mountain has it named, meaning "Celestial Mountains"?

#13. Which mountain is ranked as the smallest in the World?

#14. People love adventuring and climbing mountains. Which is the most frequently climbed mountain in the World?

#15. What makes up the submarine mountain chain found in oceans?

#16. Which is the tallest mountain in England and Wales?

#17. Which of the following peaks is NOT found in the Himalayas?

#18. On which mountain can you find the Snowdonia National Park?

#19. Which part of the mountain receives rainfall?

#20. Which mountain divides Europe and Asia continents?

#21. What name is used to refer to massive snowfalls or crashes?

#22. Which of the following mountain ranges is found in Africa?

#23. The highest part of a mountain is known as?

#24. In which country can you find Mount Dhaulagiri?

#25. Which mountain is the third tallest in the World?

#26. If you are hiking in mount Manaslu, which country could you be hiking in?

#27. Which mountain is ranked 9th tallest in the World?

#28. Which is the 10th tallest mountain in the World?

#29. What is the approximate height of the Lhotse Himalayas?

#30. Which mountain in South Africa has the highest peak?

#31. Mount Everest is the Tallest mountain in World. Which is its height?

#32. Which planet has the highest mountain?

#33. In which country can you find mount Karakoram?

#34. Which World's continent can you find Drabkensberg mountain System?

#35. What is the estimated height of mount Makalu?

#36. Which country homes the Summit of Mont Black peak?

#37. Mount Cho Oyu is among the tallest mountain in the World. What is its height?

#38. Which mountain range is the source of river Arkansas?

#39. Where are the Southern Alps found?

#40. What general term is used to refer to the submarine mountain risinf at least 3300 feet above the deep-sea floor?

#41. Sierra Nevada Range belongs to which category of mountains?

#42. In which country can you find Transylvanian Alps?

#43. Which mountain ranges divide Spain and France?

#44. Which is the highest mountain range in South America?

#45. Which is the second-highest mountain in Africa

#46. What is the name of the tallest unclimbed mountain?

#47. In which part of the United Kingdom can you find the Sperrin Mountains?

#48. Who became the first person to climb mt Everest?

#49. Which mountain has the largest crater lake in the World?

#50. What is the name of the highest peak of Maya Mountain?


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