50 NFL Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you want to utilize your leisure time with a game? Do you have confidence in your NFL knowledge? Well, a fun game is for you.

NFL isn’t a new abbreviation to many. Most people hilariously use the term to stand for Never Forget Loyalty. However, NFL stands for National Football League. It is a professional American football league.

NFL trivia has questions ranging from hard to easy. These questions will help you play the game as you gauge your NFL competency. Check out the questions below and try to tackle them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 NFL Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. In which month is the NFL draft?

#2. Which team won the Super Bowl in 2010?

#3. Which was the original name of the New York Jet?

#4. Which NFL player was the first to appear in the NFL draft?

#5. Who is the coach of the Chicago Bears as of 2022?

#6. Which year did Miami Dolphins win its first Super Bowl?

#7. Which NFL team won the East Division Championship in 1985?

#8. Where do the Broncos come from?

#9. The NFL team that won the first Super Bowl in 1969 was?

#10. Which is the oldest team in NFL history?

#11. Which year did the New York Giants team join the NFL?

#12. How many players does an NFL team have during the match?

#13. Which of the following NFL players has won the most Super Bowls awards?

#14. Who's famously known as the "father of American Football"?

#15. Which US state has the NFL Hall of Fame?

#16. The New England Patriots were initially known as?

#17. Which was the original home of the Chicago Bears?

#18. How many teams are there in NFL as of 2022?

#19. Who's the NFL's Sponsor as of 2022?

#20. Which was the Original home of the Rams?

#21. Which player or quarterback led his team to win the Super Bowl championship (1969)

#22. Which team did not win in 2008?

#23. Who founded NFL?

#24. NFL team has how many timeouts in every season?

#25. Who is the final say in an NFL game?

#26. There are how many drafts in an NFL draft?

#27. Which NFL coach inspired the naming of the Lombardi Trophy?

#28. Which NFL team was named after their first coach?

#29. Which was the first team to win 5 Super Bowls in the NFL?

#30. What is the approximate weight of an NFL ball?

#31. Who is the commissioner of the NFL as of 2022?

#32. After how many seconds should the second play begin once the last play ends?

#33. Where is the headquarter of the NFL situated?

#34. Which team is famously known as the America Team?

#35. Which two teams share the same field for home matches?

#36. Touchdown in NFL is worth how many points?

#37. How many points is safety worth in NFL?

#38. Tomy Brady was selected in which round during the 2000 NFL draft?

#39. Apart from baseball and football, which other game did Patrick Mahome play in high School?

#40. Which Super Bowl did New England Patriots win against Philadelphia Eagles?

#41. Which was the original city of Redskins before they relocated to Washington?

#42. Which NFL player is referred to as The Refrigerator?

#43. Who's the heaviest player as of 2022?

#44. Which NFL team and Super Bowl winner was the first to visit the White House?

#45. Which years did Joe Montana play for the San Francisco 49ers team?

#46. How many games are there in an NFL season?

#47. The Coach of the New England Patriots is known as Ryan Poles.

#48. The halftime of an NFL game lasts for how many minutes?

#49. Which NFL team is commonly referred to as the Vikings?

#50. George Blanda played how many NFL football seasons?


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