50 Singapore Trivia Questions and Answers

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Our list of trivia questions includes inquiries about the nation’s history, architecture, culture, cuisine, and entertainment. Inquiries are available regarding the history of Singapore’s name, the tallest structure there, well-known temples and markets, typical foods, and much more. With the help of our trivia questions, you’ll be able to discover the city like never before.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Singapore Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. What is the capital city of Singapore?

#2. When did Singapore become independent?

#3. What was the name of Singapore in the fourteenth century?

#4. The flag of Singapore is made up of what colors?

#5. Which nation lies in Singapore's north?

#6. What does the name Singapore mean?

#7. Which currency is used in Singapore?

#8. What year did Singapore implement the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to strengthen its economy?

#9. What is the name of the international airport in Singapore?

#10. What language is used in Singapore for official business and administrative purposes?

#11. Thomas Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore when?

#12. What dish is the most popular in Singapore?

#13. How many islands make up Singapore a nation?

#14. What is the maximum allowable height for buildings in Singapore?

#15. Who was Singapore's first elected president?

#16. Who established Singapore's first British colony?

#17. What is the name of the well-known street that goes through Singapore's central business district?

#18. When did Singapore join the United Nations?

#19. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in Singapore?

#20. What is the bridge's name that crosses the Singapore River's mouth?

#21. Singapore was ruled by which country from February 1942 to September 1945?

#22. What is the name of the sole UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore?

#23. What does the red color in the Singapore flag symbolize?

#24. Which are the highest points in Singapore?

#25. What does the crescent on Singapore's flag represent?

#26. What is "The Night of Safari" in Singapore?

#27. Who was the first Prime Minister of Singapore?

#28. When was Singapore designated as a royal colony?

#29. In Rio 2016, Joseph Schooling became Singapore's first Olympic gold medalist in the 100m butterfly. Which brand does Schooling NOT represent?

#30. Singapore is home to the world's highest artificial waterfall. What is it called?

#31. What is the name of the primary English lifestyle channel in Singapore?

#32. On the MRT map, what color is the North East Line?

#33. Who was the first Singapore Idol to be crowned?

#34. Which of these holidays is not observed in Singapore?

#35. What is the name of Singapore's President's official residence?

#36. The National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) is a fitness exam all Singaporeans must take in primary and secondary school. How many test stations exist?

#37. A battle occurred in 2000, resulting in property damage and seven injuries. What was the riot's origin?

#38. Singapore is one of the world's only three remaining city-states.

#39. Which Singlish word describes competitiveness?

#40. Which of the following celebrities is a Singaporean?

#41. Which of these shopping centers is NOT located on Orchard Road?

#42. Singapore has had how many presidents since its independence in 1965?

#43. In Tamil, how do you say "Thank You"?

#44. How many times has Singapore switched time zones?

#45. Which is Singapore's oldest bridge?

#46. Singapore has how many airports?

#47. The official retirement age in Singapore is ____.

#48. When was chewing gum outlawed in Singapore?

#49. There are ___ public libraries in Singapore.

#50. What is the name of the public bus that has the longest route?


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