50 Trivia for July 4th

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July 4th is around the corner, and all Americans are excited and preparing for the holiday. July 4th is associated with American independence and America’s most patriotic holiday. One of the things to do on this holiday is to play Trivia questions.

This article is for you if you want to prove your competency and obscure July 4th knowledge. We have compiled numerous questions related to July 4th. Thus, as you celebrate the independence of America, you can try to tackle these 50 questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia for July 4th


#1. Which city hosted the first independence day celebrations?

#2. Why is July 4th special to American?

#3. Which is the current capital city of United States

#4. After the Independence, who was the first president of United States?

#5. During the independence day, the Liberty Bell is rang how many times?

#6. Approximately, how much money is spent on fireworks on every July 4th celebrations

#7. What type of food is commonly consumed during the July 4th celebrations?

#8. Today, fireworks are part of July 4th celebrations. Who came up with this idea?

#9. Which state in US was the first to declare July 4th an official holiday?

#10. Which American magazine published the declaration of Independence?

#11. The stars in the United States flag are arranged in which shape?

#12. What is the name given to the national anthem of United States?

#13. What do the stripes in the United States Flag indicate?

#14. In 2023, United States will be independent for how many years?

#15. Every Country has its way of folding their flag. Which is the proper way in America?

#16. How many colors are there in the United States flag?

#17. Where in America can you find the Liberty Bell?

#18. What does the color blue in the United States flag means?

#19. How many colonies took part in the declaration of Independence?

#20. Besides being the independence day, one of America's president was born of July 4th. What was his name?

#21. Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence?

#22. Approximately, how many hot dogs are consumed every July 4th?

#23. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

#24. How many US presidents have died on July 4th?

#25. Who was the first America's president to host the July 4th celebrations at the White House?

#26. Who is credited for writing the Pledge of Allegiance?

#27. The fireworks were first used to celebrate July 4th in which year?

#28. Who came up with the fisrt United States flag?

#29. The United States natioanal anthem was extracted from a poem written by?

#30. There are how many Stars in the American flag?

#31. Which Country gave the United States the Statue of Liberty?

#32. Who among the following was Not in the committee that wrote the Declaration of Independence?

#33. What was the name of the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence?

#34. Where in United States did the Revolutionary war begin?

#35. The United States flag has how many stripes?

#36. The Statue of Liberty is among the tallest statues in US. How tall is it?

#37. Two United States died on July 4th same year. Who are they?

#38. How old was Benjamin Franklin when he signed the Declaration of Independence?

#39. Which is the national bird of the United States?

#40. How many people signed the Declaration of Independence?

#41. How many other countries celebrate their Independence in July as United States?

#42. How many times does the phrase "United States" appear in the Declaration of Independence?

#43. Fireworks are vital during the July 4th celebrations. Which Country invented them?

#44. What is the total weight of the Liberty Bell?

#45. How many towns in United States have the word "Liberty"?

#46. In which year did the 4th of July became a paid federal holiday?

#47. Where was the oldest Independence Day Celebration parade hosted?

#48. Which of the following United States president did not die on July 4th?

#49. What was the color of fireworks used during the first July 4th celebrations?

#50. In which year was the Independence day celebrated on July 5th?


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Final Thoughts

I hope you have learned new ideas about the 4th of July Holiday. How did you find the trivia? You can share the trivia with your friends and challenge their obscure knowledge on July 4th.

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