50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Easter

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Easter is one of the most celebrated dates in the spring. It is considered one of the holiest holidays, and thus it is important to many Christians. Countries worldwide have different norms and cultures for celebrating the Easter holidays.

Easter trivia questions are a perfect way to go through interesting Easter and Bible trivia as you prepare for the holiday. You can use the trivia to gauge how well you know about the Easter holiday and challenge your family members and friends. Check out the following trivia questions and try to tackle them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Easter


#1. Why do we celebrate Easter?

#2. What color was the first Easter egg dyed?

#3. Which city made the largest chocolate Easter egg in the Easter Holidays?

#4. The Easter holiday falls between which months?

#5. The idea of the Easter Bunny was born in which country?

#6. In which century was the Easter Bunny idea born?

#7. In the bible, the Easter story is found in how many books?

#8. Which of the following bible books does not have the Easter Story?

#9. Which of the following flower is associated with Easter?

#10. After how many days did Jesus resurrect from the dead?

#11. Who was the owner of the tomb where Jesus was buried?

#12. After Jesus was resurrected, one of his disciples doubted Jesus' resurrection. Who was he?

#13. Before the Easter Bunny was born, which animal was used?

#14. Can you find the word "Easter" in the Old Testament?

#15. Which city hosts the largest Easter parade annually?

#16. Catholics are not allowed to eat _______ on Good Friday.

#17. Where was the largest egg hunt ever held?

#18. Which event comes before Easter?

#19. Which type of cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus?

#20. Which is the top-selling candy holiday?

#21. Approximately how many chocolate bunnies are produced in a year?

#22. How many days are there in Lent?

#23. What is the name given to the Sunday before Easter?

#24. What is the name given to the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Saturday?

#25. Judas Iscariot traded Jesus for how many silver coins?

#26. Where is Easter Island found?

#27. The first Easter Egg Roll was held under the leadership of which US president?

#28. In Australia, which animal is used in place of rabbit?

#29. Which colors are tied to Easter?

#30. What comes immediately after Easter?

#31. After Jesus was betrayed, he was crucified on the Cross. What was written on His Cross?

#32. Aglo-Saxons traditionally held feasts to honor the goddess, which is usually associated with Easter. What was the name of the goddess?

#33. What is the name given to the Friday before Easter?

#34. What was the weight of the heaviest Easter egg?

#35. Before Jesus was crucified, one prisoner was released. What was his name?

#36. The painting of Easter eggs originated from which country?

#37. In which country do children dress like witches rather than Easter Easter Bunnies?

#38. The day before Lent is known as?

#39. Which animal is the symbol of Easter?

#40. During the last Supper, what did Jesus Compare with his body?

#41. How many minutes does it take to produce a single Marshmallow peep?

#42. How much did the most expensive egg in the world cost?

#43. Traditionally, what was eaten at Easter?

#44. During the last Supper, what did Jesus Compare with his blood?

#45. How many eggs were used in making the largest egg hunt?

#46. In which country can you find the largest Easter Egg museum?

#47. There are roughly how many eggs in the Easter Egg Museum?

#48. Which animal produces eggs for Easter in Switzerland?

#49. Where was Jesus crucified?


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How did you find the trivia? You can share the trivia with your friends and challenge them on Easter holiday questions. I hope you have learned new ideas that will benefit your Easter Holiday.

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