50 Trivia Questions and Answers about England

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Hey there! It’s time to test your knowledge. How well do you know the English people and their magnificent country? Well, here is some interesting trivia all for you. This trivia will get you scrolling through some of the most magnificent facts about the English people, their rich cultural facts, and their spectacular natural features. So if you’re ready, brace yourself for the friendly challenge below.

England-as most of us know, is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom. Its capital city also serves as the capital city of the larger United Kingdom. Now, with this background information in mind, you are good to face the awaiting quizzes. You can also discover a fact or two while interacting with this article.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about England


#1. Which among the four UK countries is J.K Rowling's country of origin?

#2. Who is the head coach of Manchester United?

#3. What's the name of England's tallest mountain?

#4. Name the river that is believed to be the longest in England.

#5. What is England's known largest lake?

#6. What are the people from Manchester called?

#7. What is England's official animal?

#8. In which of England's parks is the Serpentine body of water found?

#9. The Clifton Suspension Bridge can be found in which of the following cities in England?

#10. Which city in England lies the furthest on the eastern side?

#11. Which is the main product obtained from Rathfinny and Nyetimber?

#12. What is the name of England's capital city?

#13. Name a landmark in London that Christopher Wren constructed in 1710?

#14. Which of the following remarkable buildings is the tallest in London?

#15. The Rosetta Stone is only viewed in which of the following London Museum?

#16. What is the number of existing London Boroughs?

#17. Who is the head coach or manager of England's national men's football team?

#18. In which year was the Glastonbury festival first celebrated?

#19. What is the main football league in England?

#20. Cockney accent is widely found in which of the following England cities?

#21. Which county is located in the southmost part of England?

#22. Who among the following female artists is from England?

#23. The busiest of all airports in England is known as the?

#24. Mam Tor is a mountain that will be found in which of the following England parks?

#25. What is Harry Maguire's best playing position in men's football?

#26. The first-ever album to be released by Adele is known as?

#27. Was William Shakespeare born in an English city known as?

#28. In which city was Ed Sheeran born?

#29. What is England's latest National Park?

#30. What is the total black population in England?

#31. Long before London, which city used to be the capital of England?

#32. Which of the following colors are found in England's flag?

#33. England's Saint Patron goes by which name?

#34. When do the English people observe their national day?

#35. What is the number of counties in England that are administrative counties?

#36. Which of the following cities is Charles Darwin's home city?

#37. The "Peaky Blinders" series is set in which city?

#38. What is England's known oldest national park?

#39. Apart from London, what is England's largest city?

#40. What is the smallest county in England?

#41. What is the name of England's oldest university?

#42. Which of the following is the largest stadium in England?

#43. How many times has England won the FIFA World Cup trophy?

#44. When last did England carry the World Cup trophy?

#45. Winston Churchill served as a Prime Minister for how long?

#46. What is the main religion found in England?

#47. Was England ever colonized? If yes, by who?

#48. When does winter start in England?

#49. What is the most common drink among the English people?

#50. Which of the following was the first country to form the United Kingdom?


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Final Thoughts

Have you gone through the above quizzes? If yes, how well are you versed in facts about England? Overall, I hope this trivia was interesting and made you discover new ideas about this great country. Remember to share this article with your friends and family to test how much they know about England.

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