50 World War Trivia Questions and Answers

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How well do you know this battle that enveloped the world in the early twentieth century? You undoubtedly learned about this historical period in school but may not be completely knowledgeable. Few historical occurrences have been as heinous as during the World Wars.

For some, the curiosity stems from what life was like for civilians at home, including rationing and selling war bonds. With this collection of World War trivia questions and answers, you can put your military knowledge to the test. Let’s get started!

50 World War Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. What was the aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima called?

#2. During World War II, most of the Nazi extermination camps were in which country?

#3. Why did the US enter World War Two, especially with Germany?

#4. After the UK general election of 1945, shortly before World War II ended, which party won?

#5. By the end of 1915, British Army had how many volunteers?

#6. When did Russia and Germany sign the Brest-Litovsk treaty?

#7. The country called Mesopotamia during World War 1 is now known as?

#8. German Army was limited to how many men by the Versailles Treaty?

#9. Benito Mussolini was executed in which city in 1945?

#10. What was the codename for the first ever tested atomic bomb in New Mexico?

#11. Which country in World War II suffered the largest number of civilian deaths?

#12. Which among these countries was not a combatant during World War II?

#13. On which ship was the Japanese Instrument of Surrender signed during World War II?

#14. What German action prompted Britain and France to declare war in 1939?

#15. On what date was the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

#16. When did Japan starts invading Russia in World War II?

#17. Which Pope was there during the outbreak of World War II?

#18. Which two countries declared war against Germany in 1939?

#19. Which US Army heavyweight boxer fought in World War II?

#20. After Adolf Hitler gained power in Nai Germany, which title did he bestow himself?

#21. Where was the United Nations Charter signed in 1945?

#22. What was the codename for the Nagasaki atomic bomb?

#23. Which general led the West Front counterattack against Germany in World War II?

#24. Which of these countries surrendered last among the Allies?

#25. What were the V1 and V in World War II?

#26. Among these countries, which was not a combatant in World War II?

#27. How did Adolf Hitler die?

#28. Where were Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Hungarian heir, and his wife assassinated?

#29. From which country was Friedrick Von Holstein a key figure in World War 1?

#30. In which year did World War 1 end?

#31. In which year did the USA join World War 1?

#32. World War 1 ended in which month?

#33. In 1915 Italy declared war on which two countries?

#34. When was World War 1 started?

#35. How long did World War 1 last in days?

#36. The battle of Guillemont took place in which European country?

#37. At the end of World War 1, many countries signed a treaty outlawing what?

#38. What project built the first nuclear weapon in World War II?

#39. What was the name of the US president who authorized the bombing of Japan?

#40. What plan was plotted on 1944 July 20th?

#41. How long did World War II take from start to end?

#42. Which country occupied Greenland in 1941?

#43. World War 1 began on which continent?

#44. What was the name of the king of Italy who reigned during World War 1?

#45. Which city was taken on the third and final attempt led by Edmund Allenby in 1917?

#46. What was the name of the American general in charge of the troops in Europe in World War 1?

#47. What warfare was called 'Dog fights' in World War 1?

#48. Which flower became a symbol of remembrance for those who died in World War 1?

#49. What was the name of the US ambassador to the Uk during the outbreak of World War II?

#50. Which country attacked Russia during the battle of Lake Khasan?


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