50 Chipotle Friend Or Faux Trivia Questions and Answers

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Introducing our Chipotle “Friend or Faux” trivia, a delightful challenge for all food enthusiasts! Get ready to test your knowledge on the beloved Mexican-inspired fast-food chain that has captured hearts worldwide. With over 2,500 locations, Chipotle has revolutionized the way we savor burritos, tacos, and bowls.

In this quiz, we’ll explore the fascinating history and mouthwatering offerings of Chipotle. But what’s “Friend or Faux”? It’s a captivating game where you must distinguish true facts from cunningly crafted fakes about Chipotle. Don’t be fooled, as we’ve ingeniously placed correct answers in unexpected choices!

Discover the secrets behind their famous guacamole, their commitment to sustainability, and even their star-studded commercials. From their beginnings in Colorado to their global expansion, Chipotle’s journey is a fascinating tale of success and flavor. So, buckle up and embark on this trivia adventure to prove your Chipotle expertise!

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Chipotle Friend or Faux Trivia


#1. What year was Chipotle founded?

#2. Which pepper is used to make Chipotle's hot salsa?

#3. What is the main protein in a Barbacoa burrito?

#4. How many different types of beans does Chipotle offer?

#5. What type of rice does Chipotle use in their burritos?

#6. What is Chipotle's tagline?

#7. Which famous chef is a co-founder of Chipotle?

#8. What is the primary herb used in Chipotle's cilantro-lime rice?

#9. Chipotle was acquired by which company in 2018?

#10. How many toppings can you add to a standard Chipotle burrito without extra charge?

#11. What is the name of Chipotle's loyalty program?

#12. Chipotle originated in which US state?

#13. What is the name of Chipotle's vegan protein option?

#14. What is the main ingredient in Chipotle's guacamole?

#15. Which type of cheese is commonly used in Chipotle's quesadillas?

#16. What is the spiciest salsa offered at Chipotle?

#17. What is Chipotle's equivalent of a fast-food kid's meal?

#18. In which year did Chipotle introduce queso to its menu?

#19. What type of tortillas does Chipotle offer?

#20. Chipotle's name derives from which language?

#21. How many essential vitamins are found in a Chipotle burrito?

#22. Which sustainability issue is Chipotle most known for addressing?

#23. Which protein is NOT offered at Chipotle?

#24. Chipotle's first international location opened in which country?

#25. What is the name of Chipotle's hot sauce?

#26. Chipotle serves what kind of beverages?

#27. Which one of these is NOT a typical Chipotle topping?

#28. What is the name of Chipotle's charitable foundation?

#29. What is Chipotle's primary focus in terms of food sourcing?

#30. How many people can participate in a Chipotle group order?

#31. Which famous comedian starred in a Chipotle commercial?

#32. What is the name of Chipotle's rewards currency?

#33. What type of beans are NOT offered at Chipotle?

#34. Which allergen is NOT listed on Chipotle's allergen menu?

#35. Chipotle's "Boorito" promotion takes place on which holiday?

#36. What is the name of Chipotle's podcast?

#37. How many different salsa options does Chipotle offer?

#38. What is the name of Chipotle's annual scholarship program?

#39. Which international city received its first Chipotle location in 2019?

#40. What is Chipotle's environmental initiative called?

#41. What is the name of Chipotle's lifestyle bowl catering to athletes?

#42. Which non-alcoholic beverage is NOT served at Chipotle?

#43. What is the name of Chipotle's Facebook series that showcases musicians?

#44. Chipotle's first-ever drive-thru location opened in which city?

#45. What is the name of Chipotle's delivery service?

#46. Which international cuisine has influenced Chipotle's menu?

#47. What is the name of Chipotle's annual event for employees?

#48. Which protein is typically the lowest in calories at Chipotle?

#49. What is Chipotle's policy regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

#50. Chipotle's mobile app allows customers to earn what type of rewards?


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