40 Fashion Trivia Questions

By frankline Macharia

Step into the captivating realm of fashion with 40 intriguing trivia questions. Fashion, an ever-evolving art form, reflects cultural shifts and personal expression. From iconic designs to trendsetting moments, its influence permeates history.

40 Fashion Trivia Questions is an engaging journey through the world of style and glamour. Delve into its pages to discover fascinating tidbits about renowned designers, timeless garments, and the origins of fashion trends. Challenge your knowledge and uncover the stories woven into every thread.

Explore the evolution of clothing, from ancient civilizations’ attire to modern haute couture. Test your familiarity with red carpet moments, legendary runway shows, and the revolutionary impact of fashion icons. Whether you’re a trend enthusiast or a history buff, these trivia questions will unveil the enigmatic allure of fashion.

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Fashion Trivia


#1. Which fashion capital is home to the renowned fashion district known as the Garment District?

#2. What fabric is commonly used to make traditional jeans?

#3. What is the term for a fabric with a checked pattern, typically consisting of two colors?

#4. What type of hat features a narrow, curved brim and is often associated with cowboys?

#5. What is the name of the traditional Japanese robe often worn for important occasions?

#6. Which fashion designer is associated with the creation of the first modern woman's suit?

#7. What type of hat was often worn by Sherlock Holmes?

#8. Who is the Italian fashion designer known for his luxury leather goods, particularly handbags?

#9. What is the term for the small, ornamental loop of fabric that is stitched onto clothing?

#10. What type of footwear is known for its distinctive, pointed toe box?

#11. What iconic pattern is associated with Scottish heritage in fashion?

#12. What type of clothing is designed to be worn over swimsuits, often with a resort or beach theme?

#13. Which fashion designer is famous for introducing the "wrap dress"?

#14. Which item of clothing is also known as a "tuxedo" in the United States?

#15. Which fashion designer is known for the creation of the "Little Black Dress"?

#16. Which fashion item is a sleeveless, collarless jacket that is often worn over a shirt or blouse?

#17. Which fashion item was popularized by Coco Chanel and is often made from quilted leather?

#18. Which fashion accessory is a decorative fastener used to hold two pieces of fabric together?

#19. Which fashion accessory became popular in the 1920s due to the influence of flapper culture?

#20. What type of shirt features a button-down collar?

#21. What type of shoe has a sole that is partially made of cork material?

#22. What type of jacket is typically characterized by a diagonal front closure and a single-breasted design?

#23. Which fashion item is a long strip of fabric worn around the neck?

#24. What is the term for the small, decorative piece of jewelry that holds a necktie in place?

#25. What type of pants have a narrow, tapered leg and a high waist, often made of denim?

#26. What type of hat has a wide brim and a rounded crown, often made of straw?

#27. Which fashion accessory is designed to hold and secure a tie to a dress shirt?

#28. What type of dress has a fitted bodice and a flared skirt, often worn in the 1950s?

#29. Which famous designer introduced the concept of the "New Look" in post-World War II fashion?

#30. What type of shoe has a sole that is partially made of cork material?

#31. What type of jacket is characterized by a short length and a zippered front?

#32. What type of fabric has raised, parallel cords or ridges?

#33. Who designed the famous red-soled shoes known as "Louboutins"?

#34. Who is the fashion designer famous for his luxury handbags with a "C" logo pattern?

#35. In fashion, what does the acronym "DIY" stand for?

#36. What type of skirt features a tight-fitting waistband and flares out in an A-line shape?

#37. What type of dress is characterized by a fitted bodice and a full, voluminous skirt?

#38. What type of footwear is known for its backless design and often features a flat or low heel?

#39. Which designer is known for his iconic red-soled women's footwear?

#40. What type of pants feature a high waist and wide legs, often associated with the 1970s?

#41. What popular style of sunglasses features large, round lenses and is often associated with the 1960s?


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