50 Parks And Recreation Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test with some thrilling Parks and Recreation trivia? This trivia challenge consists of 50 brain-teasing questions that will truly challenge your memory and expertise on the beloved TV show. Delve into the world of Pawnee, where hilarious characters, zany festivals, and unforgettable moments await!

For the uninitiated, Parks and Recreation is a popular mockumentary-style sitcom that aired from 2009 to 2015. Set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, the show follows the passionate and ambitious Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, as she navigates the challenges of working in the Parks and Recreation Department. Alongside a delightful ensemble cast, the series serves up an abundance of humor, heartwarming friendships, and eccentric scenarios.

From the delightful antics of Ron Swanson to the captivating wit of Tom Haverford, each character adds a unique flair to the show’s comedic brilliance. As you tackle these trivia questions, you’ll uncover fascinating tidbits about Pawnee’s local politics, quirky traditions, and the ever-entertaining adventures of the Parks and Recreation team. So, gather your waffles and get ready for an exciting journey through the quirky world of Parks and Recreation!

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Parks and Recreation Trivia


#1. What is the famous iconic landmark of Paris?

#2. Which river flows through Paris?

#3. Which palace was the residence of French kings?

#4. In which arrondissement is the Louvre located?

#5. What is the famous Parisian cabaret?

#6. Which square is known as the "heart of Paris"?

#7. What is the tallest church in Paris?

#8. Which district is famous for its artistic history?

#9. Which airport serves as the main gateway to Paris?

#10. In which year did the French Revolution begin?

#11. What is the famous street known for its boutiques?

#12. Which Parisian museum is dedicated to modern art?

#13. In which famous cemetery are many celebrities buried?

#14. What is the name of the island in the Seine River?

#15. Which historic prison was stormed during the Revolution?

#16. Which famous avenue is home to many luxury shops?

#17. What is the popular art district known for its bohemian atmosphere?

#18. Which museum houses the painting 'Mona Lisa'?

#19. What is the name of the triumphal arch in Paris?

#20. Which famous Parisian cathedral was damaged in a fire in 2019?

#21. What is the famous art museum housed in a former railway station?

#22. Which riverbank is known for its bookstalls?

#23. In which palace is the French president's official residence?

#24. Which opera house is known for its grand staircase?

#25. What is the famous historic department store in Paris?

#26. Which Parisian landmark offers a panoramic view of the city?

#27. What is the famous Parisian university?

#28. In which arrondissement is the Latin Quarter located?

#29. Which museum displays the works of Auguste Rodin?

#30. What is the name of the historical palace and prison in central Paris?

#31. Which French king built the Palace of Versailles?

#32. What is the famous cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried?

#33. Which famous avenue is known for its theaters and cinemas?

#34. What is the famous street known for its artists and art galleries?

#35. Which historic site marks the location of the guillotine during the Revolution?

#36. What is the name of the modern business district in Paris?

#37. Which Parisian cemetery is the burial place of Oscar Wilde?

#38. In which museum can you find the painting 'Water Lilies' by Claude Monet?

#39. What is the name of the famous boulevard with a historical arc at one end?

#40. Which neighborhood is known for its skyscrapers and modern architecture?

#41. What is the famous park in Paris that houses the Luxembourg Palace?

#42. In which famous cemetery is Frédéric Chopin buried?

#43. Which basilica is located at the highest point in Paris?

#44. What is the name of the famous avenue in the 7th arrondissement?

#45. Which Parisian museum is dedicated to Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art?

#46. What is the famous opera house in the Place de l'Opéra?

#47. Which river island houses the Gothic Sainte-Chapelle?

#48. What is the name of the historical palace located in the 1st arrondissement?

#49. Which famous avenue is known for its luxury fashion boutiques?

#50. What is the name of the famous basilica in Montmartre?


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