30 Weather Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you love going through weather questions? How much do you know about climate and weather? If you’re a weather wizard, you came to the right place. Take these questions and test your knowledge of the weather.

Weather is one of the popular topics that we come across almost every day. In this, we’ve compiled thirty questions to truly examine your competency and understanding. Take up the challenge and try to tackle the following questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 20

Hard Questions: 21 to 30

30 Weather Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which country has the coldest weather season in the world?

#2. What is formed when the tornado runs over the water?

#3. Which color is found in the middle of a rainbow?

#4. Which is not a type of cloud?

#5. What is the color of a cloud before a tornado?

#6. Tramontane and Sirocco are types of what?

#7. Which device is used to measure the speed of the wind?

#8. What is the highest temperature ever recorded?

#9. Which ocean is commonly associated with Monsoon winds?

#10. Thunder comes before lightning.

#11. What name is given to the center of a hurricane?

#12. What causes extreme weather?

#13. What combination forms the rainbow?

#14. Which UK city receives the most rainfall in a typical year?

#15. Which type of cloud yields hails?

#16. When did drought last for long in the UK during the summer?

#17. Which US state experienced the fastest tornado?

#18. Nacreous is a type of which weather element.

#19. The Okats instrument is used for measuring which weather element?

#20. What is the highest wind speed ever recorded?

#21. Which of these countries experiences the most tornadoes?

#22. When does a wind become a Hurricane force?

#23. What instrument is used for measuring cloud height?

#24. Torricellian is a common instrument in weather stations. What is it?

#25. What is the name given to the act of predicting the weather?

#26. Choose the odd one out.

#27. Approximately, there are how many lighting strikes in London in a typical year?

#28. In a meteorological station, the Solviev-Imamura is used to measure what?

#29. There are how many points in a snowflake?

#30. In 2007, which country got rid of its weather station?


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How did you find the trivia? I hope you’ve learned more about the weather. You can share the trivia with your friends and rate their weather knowledge.

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