50 Tennis Trivia Questions and Answers

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Tennis is one of the most watched sporting events. The game is not only easy to play but also exciting to watch. Are you a tennis novice or an expert? Do you feel like solving some tennis questions? Or do you like hosting trivia nights? If yes, you’ll enjoy tackling questions in this trivia.

This article has compiled the top, latest, and most entertaining tennis questions to keep your night going. Wear your magic cap, and let the trivia begin! Check out the following questions and try to tackle them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Tennis Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Where did Tennis originate from?

#2. Who among the following is considered the father of modern Tennis?

#3. Which of the following players won the 1st US Open Tournament?

#4. Which player is referred to as the Princess of the Pampas?

#5. Which player won the 1st french Open Tournament?

#6. Which tennis player was married to golfer Greg Norman?

#7. Which player won the Wimbledon Tournament?

#8. Which name is given to the 4 most important tennis tournaments?

#9. When did Jamie Murray win the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles?

#10. Which of the following Grand Slam Tournaments is held in January every year?

#11. Which tennis name is given to refer to the 40-40 score?

#12. Martina Navratilova comes from which country?

#13. Which term best refers to when the opponent does not return a ball?

#14. What is on the surface where the French Open Tournament is played?

#15. Which tennis player is crowned the King of Clay?

#16. Which of the following player won Wimbledon's 2017 Men singles?

#17. Daniel Evans is ranked. What number of British players?

#18. Which player won the 2017 Wimbledon Women's singles?

#19. In Tennis, the term "Love" refers to how many points?

#20. Which of the following companies supplies tennis balls at Wimbledon?

#21. So far, how many Grand Slam titles has Roger Federer won?

#22. Which is the nationality of Roger Federer?

#23. The first tennis racket string was made of?

#24. There are how many types of tennis courts?

#25. When did the Wimbledon Championship debut?

#26. Which of the following tournaments has the longest history in Glam Slam?

#27. Which gas is found in the core of a pressurized tennis ball?

#28. Which country is credited for introducing modern Tennis?

#29. Which organization governs the world's Tennis?

#30. Which Swedish player won Tennis from 1977 to 1981?

#31. Which Tournament comes last in a year?

#32. Which female player has won the most Gland Slam titles?

#33. Which player became the first to win Australian Open Tournament?

#34. Which of the player became the first non-British to win the Wimbledon title?

#35. When did Pat Cash win his first Wimbledon title?

#36. Who was the first player to win 4 Gland Slams in one year?

#37. What name is given to a top spin serve?

#38. Wimbledon is held in which world city?

#39. There are how many tournaments in Gland Slam?

#40. Bjorn Borg won how many Wimbledon finals?

#41. What separates a Tennis Court?

#42. When was Tennis included in Olympic events?

#43. Which tennis player is nicknamed Little Mo?

#44. Who won the 2016 US Open?

#45. Which state in the US hosts the US open tournaments?

#46. Which is the maximum diameter of an official tennis ball?

#47. What name is given to each player's left side of the tennis court?

#48. Which tennis player died of AIDS in 1993?

#49. Which is the nationality of John McEnroe?

#50. Which of the following country has won the most Davis Cups in the history of Tennis?


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