50 Periodic Table Trivia Questions and Answers

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Were you a chemical nerd in high school? Therefore this periodic table trivia is for you.

Do you remember that strange colored table in your books? A periodic table is what it is. One of the fundamental concepts taught in Chemistry 101 is the periodic table. The periodic table is a tabular organization of chemical elements based on chemical characteristics, atomic numbers, and other factors. Metals are on the left, and non-metals are on the right. Review your chemistry class knowledge for this Periodic table trivia quiz game.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Periodic Table Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which is an abundant element in the Earth's crust and essential for survival in the human body?

#2. Which is the most reactive element among the following?

#3. The atomic number of Boron is 5. What of Hydrogen?

#4. Argon, Helium, Krypton, and Neon are classified into a group called?

#5. The rows of the elements table are called?

#6. The columns of a periodic table are called?

#7. Which of the following elements is classified as gas matter?

#8. How many energy levels are in Calcium?

#9. Which element lies in group 13 and the third period?

#10. Valence electrons are stated in which energy level?

#11. Which element was discovered in 1848 and 1849 in California?

#12. W chemical symbol represents which element?

#13. Which element makes diamonds and graphites?

#14. The other common name for sulphur is referred to as?

#15. Neptune, a planet in the solar system, is common with which element?

#16. Nihonium is named after which country word?

#17. Oganesson is the heaviest element while it is referred to as the lightest?

#18. Which element is inhaled into the body cells when breathing?

#19. Which among these elements is contained in chalk and other forms of limestone?

#20. Which metal does not fall in the same group?

#21. Carbon monoxide contains which element apart from carbon?

#22. Which element has its major role in advertising displays?

#23. Which among the first-period element is used in depression treatment?

#24. Nickel is the nickname of which country's five-cent coin?

#25. Elements with a similar number of occupied shells are classified into?

#26. Germanium is named after a famous country in which continent?

#27. Which among the following is not an oxide of Aluminium?

#28. Californium is named after which famous state in the world?

#29. Which element was named after group 8 and a founder of honored prizes for science and literature?

#30. Which common compound is made of sodium and chlorine elements?

#31. Mercury is in which state at its room temperature?

#32. Which solar system component shares its Greek name with the helium element?

#33. Marie Curie, a scientist, discovered which element?

#34. O chemical symbol represents which element?

#35. Which element is a widely known poison?

#36. C chemical symbol represents which element?

#37. Which element occupies the largest % of common gases present in the Earth's atmosphere?

#38. Which elements among the mentioned are classified in the group of noble gases?

#39. Which among these elements has an extremely high melting point?

#40. Acetylene smell resembles that of which food spice?

#41. A physician who discovered X-rays resembles his name with which element?

#42. When it's impure, which element makes rubies red and emeralds green?

#43. The nuclear bombs are composed of which element?

#44. Which element has a common name with a type of moon?

#45. Computer chips use which element as their major material?

#46. The zn chemical symbol represents which element?

#47. Which element was among the first to be formed at the beginning of the world?

#48. A battery produces which energy to generate electricity?

#49. Which element has a common name with a river in Germany?


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