50 Agriculture Trivia Questions and Answers

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Agriculture is one of the mighty pillars of every country’s economy. From food crops to cash crops, they play a huge role in human life. How could human beings survive without food? How could we earn revenue if cash crops didn’t exist? Thus, agriculture plays a central role in human life, and thus, there’s a need to learn more about it.

We’ve compiled agricultural questions that will challenge and feed you with new ideas. If you enjoy solving agricultural questions, then you’ll enjoy solving the questions in this trivia. Take the challenge and try to tackle the following questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Agriculture Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Keeping livestock and growing crops on the same farm, this type of farming is known as?

#2. Growing grapes is called viticulture; what do we refer to as growing fruits and vegetables?

#3. Which among these crops is not a fiber crop?

#4. Which food is composed of good food for diabetic people?

#5. Farmers may leave the land after two or four years of cultivation to gain fertility. How do we describe this farming?

#6. Which is the leading producer of groundnut in the world?

#7. The art of growing miniature trees or woody plants -like trees is called?

#8. A piece of land devoted to growing fruits and nut trees is called?

#9. Rubber plantation is favorable in the equatorial region. Which part is mostly grown?

#10. Which pests among the following do not attack okra vegetable crops?

#11. Growing food crops to sustain and meet family needs is referred to as?

#12. Which country in the world is the leading producer of sugar?

#13. Which soil is suitable for growing watermelon fruits?

#14. Growing two or more crops in a distinct row arrangement is known as?

#15. A common name for course grains is known as?

#16. Which crop uses stem-cutting for regrowing?

#17. Carbohydrates are known as energy-giving foods. Which is the known richest source?

#18. Which country is known for cultivating long staple types of cotton?

#19. During the preparation of the land for planting, why is ploughing necessary?

#20. Which crop is suitable in clay soil and needs water when sowing it?

#21. When did the cultivation of cereals first begin?

#22. By 8000-6000 BC, in Mehrgarh culture, which of the following is not among the domesticated animals?

#23. Which farming was accompanied by a nationwide granary system in China from the 5th century BC?

#24. Approximately between which mesolithic age did agriculture originate?

#25. In nomadic life , herds of livestock are moved from one place to another in search of?

#26. In North America, the indigenous people domesticated which crop?

#27. What was started by Gunditjmara and other groups?

#28. Which animal was not among those domesticated in Peru, South America?

#29. Which crop is not known to have originated from South-East Asia?

#30. How many regions of the world where plants were independently cultivated?

#31. In agriculture, Apiculture is a technical term for keeping what type of insects?

#32. What is the other name used to describe a male goat apart from billy?

#33. The process of attaching one plant's scion to the rootstock of another is called?

#34. What do we refer to as the science of breeding and properly caring for farm animals?

#35. Which animal feed is mostly used in winter, cut and stored in a silo without being dried?

#36. A process of grain preparation that follows threshing involves removing the trash, and dry protective casing, mostly in wheat or rice, which is called?

#37. What name do we refer to a young female dairy animal that has started producing milk?

#38. What North American country is the world's leading grower of lentils ?

#39. Which domesticated animal is an omnivore?

#40. Who invented the seed drill in 1701?

#41. Which month of the year does the shearing period begin?

#42. Approximately how many times do cows get milked in a day?

#43. In which regions were sugarcane and sorghum domesticated, respectively?

#44. What did William Murchland invent in 1889 that a dairy farmer uses?

#45. Which was not among the crop domesticated in America, Mesoamerica (apart from teosinte)?

#46. When did the British Agricultural Revolution advance irrigation, crop rotation, and fertilizers?

#47. Green Gold is a name referred to which crop?

#48. Which is the most commercially reared honeybee species in the world?

#49. What function does lime serve when added to soil?

#50. Which river was relied upon by Ancient Egyptian agriculture?


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