50 Geek Trivia Questions and Answers

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Most people enjoy when the term nerd or Geek is associated with them. If you have a reputation for being a know-it-all, you will likely enjoy this trivia. Do you want to know about geek information and details that can make you a geek? Then, read on.

Anyone can become a Nerd or Geek. Going through trivia questions is one of the “thousand” ways of becoming a Geek. This blog has compiled several nerd questions that can keep your night going. Gauge your Geek knowledge by answering these questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Geek Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which Country hosted the first Word Cup?

#2. Which is the most popular city in the World?

#3. 12 Lane Arc De Triomphe is a famous roundabout found in which city?

#4. Which city shares its name with green vegetables?

#5. In which city can you find the Wailing wall?

#6. Which Asian capital city homes the Petronas Twin Tower?

#7. Which is the largest Stadium in the World?

#8. What name is used to refer to massive snowfalls or crashes?

#9. If you are hiking in mount Manaslu, which Country could you be hiking in?

#10. When did World Cup debut on TV?

#11. Who became the first person to climb mt Everest?

#12. Which mountain has the largest crater lake in the World?

#13. What was the former name of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe?

#14. When did the American War begin?

#15. During the Olympics opening ceremony, which athletes enter last in the parade of nations?

#16. The Thar desert is found in how many countries?

#17. Name a city in Asia that was previously called Krung Threp

#18. Which American battle marked the end of the American Civil war?

#19. Which countries share a border with Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand?

#20. Which female actor was the leading role in the Se7en Movie of 1995?

#21. Which was the top-selling Disney movie in 1994?

#22. Which brand has "Go Further" as its slogan?

#23. The American Civil War lasted for how many years?

#24. The first motor race was held in which year?

#25. Who was the first American president to use the telegraph?

#26. How old was Benjamin Franklin when he signed the American Declaration of Independence?

#27. How many stripes are there in the Adidas logo?

#28. Which fashion house designed the wedding dress for Meghan Markel?

#29. Which was the first ever instant messaging service?

#30. In China, which is the most used search engine?

#31. Which is the most used online method of money transfer?

#32. Which fashion company features a 3D rhinoceros in its logo?

#33. Ectothermic animals are typically referred to by the common name cold-blooded; which animal is not?

#34. A Star is Born Movie, which first debuted in 1937, has undergone how many remakes?

#35. Forest is the home of how many biodiversities?

#36. Which is the smallest rainforest in the World?

#37. How many cubs can a forest fox have at a time?

#38. Which cell organelle is absent in animal cells but present in a plant cell?

#39. Which was the first war drama to win the Best Picture Award?

#40. Which Number is referred to as the Magic Number?

#41. The Lord of the Rings movie has how many parts?

#42. Which country music female artiste produced the "I Will Always Love You" single?

#43. The reservoir formed behind Hoover Dam is called?

#44. Which of these movies was released in 1999?

#45. Lake Winnipeg is found in which part of the World?

#46. A dodecahedron has how many sides?

#47. Who created the first Penny candy America?

#48. Which psychological belief states that the mind is fundamentally different than other body parts?

#49. Which language has the most words?

#50. Where was Jim Morrison buried?


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