50 Authors Trivia Questions and Answers

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They say a book a day keeps illiteracy away. How many books do you know? Do you know the authors of these books? Well, let’s find out using this Author’s trivia.

If you love reviewing books and blogging, many people will assume you are an expert in tackling any bookish-related quizzes related to authors. To save you from embarrassment, I have a collection of authors’ questions that will test your knowledge of Authors.

Check out the following quizzes and choose the correct answer amongst the four choices.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Authors Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which Author wrote The Iliad book?

#2. When was the first Pulitzer prize awarded?

#3. Which Author is the best-selling Author in the world?

#4. Which is the most expensive book of all time?

#5. Who's the Author of Paradise Lost?

#6. In which century was Paradise Lost written?

#7. The Don Quixote is written in which language?

#8. Which was the color of Anna Karenina's bag in Tolstoy's novel?

#9. Who published the Goldfinch novel?

#10. There are how many acts relating to Romeo and Juliet?

#11. In one of the famous novels, who was the youngest daughter of King Lear?

#12. Which is Not a Shakespeare's comedy?

#13. Walter Scott is famously known for his book about which country?

#14. Which was the first novel to be published?

#15. In which year was the first novel published?

#16. Which was the first King Stephen debut novel?

#17. Which Oscar Wilde's novel has to do with immortality?

#18. Which year did Harry Potter publish his first book?

#19. Which was the first book of Harry Potter?

#20. What was the theater name where most of Shakespeare's plays were produced?

#21. Which is the best-selling children's book?

#22. Which book has many words and pages?

#23. Which Author published the children's story "The Gremlins" in 1943?

#24. What is the name of the first Chinese writer to win a Nobel Prize for literature?

#25. Who's the Author of the Jane Eyre?

#26. What is the novel's name that has its setting on a desert planet with giant sandworms?

#27. Which Author used crayon to write his last novel?

#28. Who's the Author of The Martian Chronicles book?

#29. Which Spanish Author has written over 5000 novels?

#30. Which was the first album of Margaret Mitchell?

#31. Who wrote The Book Thief?

#32. What is the name of the smallest book in the Welsh National Library?

#33. Which is not a character in The Clan of the Cave Bear novel?

#34. Which famous novel begins with Call Me Ishmael" phrase?

#35. Which Washington Irving's story has to do with the character Ichabod Crane?

#36. In which year did authors Aldous Huxley and CS Lewis die?

#37. Which Author wrote the science fiction movie "Starship Troopers"?

#38. Which was the first science fiction novel to be published?

#39. In Which year did Charles Dickens die?

#40. Which book by Ernest Hemingway has to do with bullfighting?

#41. Which American Author appeared in the 1976 movie (Murder by Death)?

#42. How old was Mary Shelly when she wrote the Frankenstein book?

#43. Which Shakespeare's drama inspired the Lion King movie?

#44. Which Author wrote Herzog and the Humboldt's Gift?

#45. Who was not among the sisters in the Little Woman book of Louisa May?

#46. In which year was the Gone Girl thriller published?

#47. Which Author is behind the story in the Thirteen Reasons Why series?

#48. Who is the Author of The Da Vinci Code?

#49. What is the color of Pippi in the Pippi Longstocking story?

#50. Mice and Men were published in which year?


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How did you find the trivia? How many Authors did you know? Can you identify the book’s name given the Author? You can share the trivia with your friends and rate their knowledge about book Authors.

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