50 Fashion Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you believe your competency in the fashion industry? Do you love everything that has to do with models, clothes, and accessories? Then, this trivia is for you.

Fashion is one of the ever-changing industries, and thus we need to keep up with its changing pace. This article has fashion questions you can use to gauge and test how you understand the current trend. To fashion lovers, playing trivia games is super fun and educative.

Check out the following questions, and choose the correct answers from the multiple choices.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Fashion Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. What is the slogan of NIKE company?

#2. The biggest fashion retailers in the USA are known as?

#3. Carnaby is a famous street that is found in which city?

#4. What is a Corn Row in the fashion industry?

#5. Which of the following designers created the little black dresses?

#6. Which designer is famously known for his "Polo" designs?

#7. How many children does Stella McCartne have?

#8. Which type of dresses are mainly produced by Vera Wang Fashion house?

#9. Which year was the Tyra Banks fashion icon established?

#10. Who invented Bikini?

#11. In which year was Bikini invented?

#12. Which part of the body do we wear espadrilles?

#13. In which country can you find the Faberge Jewelry house?

#14. Which of the following capitals is Not one of the four "Big Four" fashion capitals?

#15. Which of the following magazines mainly deals with fashion and lifestyle?

#16. Which of these apparel retailers is found in Japan?

#17. Which famous designer invented the wrap dress?

#18. Which of the following designer invented jeans?

#19. Which island shares its name with a pair of shorts?

#20. Which fashion brand is known as Merkin?

#21. Which supermodel fell over on the catwalk in 1993?

#22. Fashion terms have different meanings and audiences. Which of these fashions means "high Fashion"?

#23. What is the name of the famous German designer who passed away in 2019?

#24. Which supermodel broke her back in a horse riding accident?

#25. Who influenced the 1960's women's fashion?

#26. Which supermodel tripped in her debut fashion Show?

#27. Which fashion company features a 3D rhinoceros in its logo?

#28. Which part of the body do we wear a "Busby"?

#29. Which is the nationality of Kate Moss?

#30. What does the Threadless Company deal with?

#31. Which material is used for making clothes today?

#32. Which fashion was invented by Marc Bolan and David Bowie?

#33. The word "Suit" comes from which language?

#34. Which material is used in making Crocs?

#35. In which country can you find the Fendi fashion house?

#36. How many stripes are there in the Adidas logo?

#37. Which part of the body do we wear a "moggan?"

#38. Which animal is featured in the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans logo?

#39. Which country is the origin of the Reebok shoe manufacturer?

#40. Which fashion house designed the wedding dress for Meghan Markel?

#41. What is the street name in Manhattan, "Fashion Avenue"?

#42. The fashion designer, Kenzo, comes from which country?

#43. Who owns the fashion label, Yang and Holmes?

#44. The famous supermodel, Cindy Crawford, hosted which show for six years?

#45. Which fashion house was founded first among the following?

#46. What is the name given to the shirt with a very high and rolled collar?

#47. Which company bought Prada's stake in Gucci?

#48. Which is Not a type of hairstyle?

#49. The following are standard styles of earrings. Which one is NOT?

#50. The New York Fashion Week takes place how many times per year?


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