50 Beer Trivia Questions and Answers

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We are calling all beer enthusiasts! It’s time to sit at the bar, order a drink, and see how many of the finest beer quiz questions you can answer!

Beer trivia questions are ideal for parties, social events, pub quizzes, and learning about this famous beverage. There’s something for everyone. This article has top beer questions that will keep your night running.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Beer Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. In Egypt, who were the first people to take beer?

#2. Which country forbids drinking in commercials?

#3. Who secured a Guinness World Record in June 2010 for stacking 237 times?

#4. In which year did Steven Petrosino secure a Guinness World Record for drinking one liter of beer in 1.3s?

#5. The irrational fear of empty glass is called?

#6. How tall and feet is the biggest glass of beer in the world?

#7. What is the process of making beer by steeping a starch in water and fermenting it with yeast?

#8. Which fungi, a eukaryotic organism used in the brewing process to bring the sweet taste?

#9. The traditional smoked beer is called?

#10. The study of beer and beer making is known as?

#11. The study of wine is known as?

#12. Which Ancient people were serious about the production of beer?

#13. Which country produces the most private brands of beer in the world?

#14. Taking too much beer causes an increase of what in our bodies?

#15. Which type of beer is called Stale and flat?

#16. Which beer is referred to as dark, top-fermented beer?

#17. Which is not among the names referred to as low-alcohol beers?

#18. Which country is ranked as 1/3 producer of low-alcohol beers globally?

#19. Which year did the number of licensed breweries increase to 8,863?

#20. What significance does beer add to our bodies, its protection?

#21. In which year did the USA produce 196 million barrels (23.0 L) of beer?

#22. Which among the following is not listed in the three beer companies in the US?

#23. Detroit police, at which time did they discover the underground brewery?

#24. Prohibition era in the US in 1919 made about alcoholic beverages. Which one was not among the illegal services?

#25. Name a significant effect of taking Scout beer, and it helps fight which disease?

#26. In the United States, which is the largest producer of beers?

#27. Which country was brewing first evidenced?

#28. Allsopp's Arctic Ale is the most expensive beer. Approximately how much does it cost?

#29. US people are estimated to consume how many US gallons of beer per capita per year?

#30. Which country was ranked fifteenth globally in per capita beer consumption in 2011?

#31. In which year was the Dutch West India Company, the first commercial brewery in the US, built?

#32. A beer container looks like a barrel called a keg, as approximately how much beer is in it?

#33. Which is not among the first three consumed drinks in the world?

#34. What is produced after fermentation with starch sugars done in brewing?

#35. Germanic and Celtic tribes in 3000BC spread beer to the world through which continent?

#36. What was used to ferment drinks in China around 7000 BC apart from fruits?

#37. Which two countries were beer recorded in history in Ancient times?

#38. Beers are brewed from cereal grains. Which among the following is not a raw material?

#39. Which among these is not a beer festival in Japan?

#40. Which country collects over 1000 tons of trash after Oktoberfest?

#41. National Beer Day is celebrated. Which month of the year is in the US?

#42. Which country generates a profit of 100 billion dollars annually on beer alone?

#43. Which is not a craft brewery manufacturer of Indian Pale Lager?

#44. Which beer is favorably stored between 7-10 degrees Celsius?

#45. What was invented in the 50s, also called the beer game?

#46. Which among these is not an iconic beer made in Pilsner style?

#47. Ales and Lagers are major categories of which drinks?

#48. Which country records a beer consumption of 46 billion liters annually?

#49. Which year did the United States license 49 breweries?

#50. How many breweries are there in America (approximately)?


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