50 Fish Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you love aquatic animals? Or do you trust your knowledge of fish? Well, let’s find out using these trivia questions.

 There are several types of fish, ranging from freshwater fish to saltwater fish. Playing fish trivia is one of the beneficial ways of passing your time. If you’re looking for ultimate fish trivia, we got you covered. We’ve compiled 50 questions with multiple answers that will truly examine your knowledge about aquatic life. Take a seat and enjoy the trivia!

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Fish Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. There are how many species of fish (Approximately)?

#2. Which is the fastest fish in the world?

#3. What is the color of a lobster?

#4. Which part of the body does fish use for breathing?

#5. What do we call a group of fish?

#6. Approximately how many teeth can a shark have in its lifetime?

#7. There are how many species of Goldfish?

#8. Which of these is the most poisonous fish?

#9. Approximately, there are how many species of fish in the world?

#10. Which is the most toxic fish on the list?

#11. The school of Hammerhead sharks comprises how many sharks?

#12. What does a shark have other fish don't have?

#13. Where do rainbowfish hatch their eggs?

#14. There is a fish species that generate electric current to ward off its predators.

#15. Which fish species are commonly found in the Amazon river?

#16. Which of these fish is used in the Finding Nemo novel?

#17. How many volts can an Electric Eel produce?

#18. Which is the smallest type of fish that exists?

#19. Most fish have lungs.

#20. Which of these fish do not live in water?

#21. Which creature has a fish in its name but is not a fish?

#22. What is the maximum speed of Tuna fish?

#23. Octopi belongs to which group?

#24. Which fish is not eaten as part of the Kosher diet?

#25. Which of these fish produces the most eggs?

#26. In aquatic life, what does the term "anadromous" means?

#27. Clownfish belong to which family?

#28. Which is the most commonly consumed fish species in the world?

#29. Which name is given to fish eggs?

#30. Which is regarded as the biggest fish of all time?

#31. Which of these fish can change its body temperature overriding water temperature?

#32. Salmon fish can lay how many eggs in their lifetime?

#33. The male sea horse gives birth.

#34. Which was the first fish to have its genome mapped?

#35. Which type of fish is referred to as a 'brownie"?

#36. Which continent is the home of Electric Eels?

#37. Which of these fish is commonly kept at home as a pet?

#38. In which year did people start keeping fish indoors?

#39. Approximately how many families in America have fish as their pets?

#40. Which nation is surrounded by the most fish?

#41. Which country produces the most fish in the world?

#42. Which is the biggest species of Pacific Salmon?

#43. Which fish species can survive in the hottest temperature?

#44. Which species of fish is commonly consumed in America?

#45. There are how many venomous fish species?

#46. Which country has fish and chips as its national dish?

#47. Which is the most expensive pet fish ever sold?

#48. The longest pet fish lived for how many years?

#49. As of 2023, there are how fishy entries in the Guinness World Record?

#50. Which species of fish form gangs to terrorize other fish in the water?


Final Thoughts

How did you find the trivia? I hope you’ve learned more about aquatic life. You can share the trivia with your friends and rate their fish knowledge.

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