50 Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers

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Did you realize that 80% of our seas have yet to be explored? It’s mind-boggling to consider what’s out there. Yet one thing is certain: our planet’s waters are breathtakingly gorgeous and alive with animals we rarely see.

Thus, to learn more about our seas, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of our favorite ocean trivia questions to test any aquatic professionals and shine a light on the world’s undersea treasures!

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Hydrosphere, the water part, covers how much % of Earth's crust?

#2. Among the known oceans in the world, which is the largest?

#3. How many water species are approximated to live in the oceans?

#4. Among the known oceans in the world, which is the smallest?

#5. How many cubic kilometers does the Earth's Ocean occupy?

#6. Which among the following oceans is covered partly in sea ice year-round?

#7. How many Global oceans are there in the Earth's crust?

#8. At which atmosphere subsystem of the Earth is the Ocean classified?

#9. The Arctic Ocean and Pacific Ocean are separated by what?

#10. Which chemical compound is contained in all oceans?

#11. Which country is bordered by the Indian Ocean?

#12. On the Earth's surface, which is referred to as the deepest natural ocean trench?

#13. Apart from water and calcium, which among the following main chemical compounds is not found on Earth's crust?

#14. Which among the following is not categorized in Marine life?

#15. Approximately how many Islands are found in the Pacific Ocean?

#16. Small plant and animal organisms that float on water are called?

#17. Salt in oceans is obtained from?

#18. According to continental theory, Pangaea was surrounded by which superocean?

#19. The Equator passes through how many oceans on Earth's surface?

#20. Which Ocean is located west of the United Kingdom in America?

#21. Which of these rivers drains its water into the Atlantic ocean?

#22. Organisms that live on the seafloor are called?

#23. Which country as both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on its coastline?

#24. In 1912, which type of ship sunk in the North Atlantic ocean?

#25. Coral reefs are mostly found in which Ocean?

#26. How much % of Earth's wildlife is found in the Ocean?

#27. Which of the following is an island in the Indian Ocean?

#28. St Helena island is found in which Ocean?

#29. Which of these countries does not share the Atlantic ocean on their coastline?

#30. Bermuda Triangle is found in which global Ocean?

#31. Arctic, Pacific, Southern, Indian, and Atlantic are connected to form one huge body known as?

#32. The United States is related to how many oceans?

#33. The largest underwater mountain range is called?

#34. Indian Ocean shares how many continents in the world?

#35. Which Early Explorers used the Atlantic ocean to sail to the United States?

#36. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which global Ocean?

#37. Does the Ocean produce the Earth's Oxygen?

#38. Approximately how many cargo ships are in the Ocean at the same time?

#39. What is the average feet depth in the Ocean?

#40. A full circle of water takes how long to complete on Earth's Ocean?

#41. Water transport, especially Cargo ships, at what % are they rated in trading goods worldwide?

#42. How many bones do Turtle shells combined have?

#43. The heart organ in a Shrimp's body is located in which part?

#44. How many Shark species are estimated to be killed per annum?

#45. The fastest-recorded marine species is called?

#46. The largest species of Dolphin is referred to as?

#47. The largest mammal is known, mostly in the southern hemisphere, the Blue Whale. How many feet long on the record?

#48. Which ocean species is known for its painful stinging to a human?

#49. Titanic of the East is a name to refer to which shipwreck?

#50. How many wrecked ships are figured to be in the Ocean?


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