50 Biology Trivia Questions and Answers

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Which was your favorite subject in high school? Was biology among them? If yes, then this trivia is for you. Biology is one of the subjects that human beings interact with every day. From living to non-living creatures, Biology plays a crucial role.

This blog has brain-teasing and scientific breakthroughs that may improve your knowledge. We’ve compiled a range of easy and hard questions that will test your mastery of biology. Check out the following questions and rate your knowledge.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Biology Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Ectothermic animals are typically referred to by the common name cold-blooded; which animal is not?

#2. What mosquito-borne parasitic disease causes red blood cells to explode after they serve as mating ground?

#3. In the human eye, what is the common name of a cell considered to have a pair with rod cells?

#4. Which organ is involved in over 50% of all organ transplants in the united States?

#5. DNA and RNA are composed of four nucleobases, which is not common in both.

#6. DNA consists of Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine. What replaces Thymine in RNA?

#7. What petite gastrointestinal organ has three regions: duodenum, jejunum, and ileum?

#8. What name do we refer to an individual organism's observable traits resulting from genomic and environmental factors?

#9. Which organelle in a cell is referred to as the 'powerhouse of the cell'?

#10. What do we refer to jelly-like substance obtained from the cell walls of red algae?

#11. Which American science fiction film was released in 1993 that was directed by steven spielberg?

#12. What name do we refer to brain inflammation caused by infection or allergic reaction?

#13. The human body is made of cells. Which is the longest among them?

#14. What type of natural organism is studied by mycologists?

#15. What cell is formed when an ovum and spermatozoon gametes come together and fertilize?

#16. Queen Alexandra's birdwing of Papua New Guinea is classified as what winged animal?

#17. Which organelle is protected in a cell membrane apart from the nucleus?

#18. Hepatitis is inflammation of which part of the body in animals?

#19. Which is the major muscle in vertebrates found in the heart?

#20. Which functional group in organic compounds is contained in Amino acids?

#21. Which tissue connects the bones that brings the difference in length in the morning compared to when you go to bed?

#22. What distinguishes spirochaete from other bacteria?

#23. Which phase in mitosis and meiosis where chromosomes move away from each other to the opposite spindles?

#24. 'CC''are used abbreviations in medicine measurements to stand for?

#25. The science behind the relationship between organisms and the environment is called?

#26. What do we term as two separate nuclei inside a single cell?

#27. Which acidic condiment is produced by using the bacterium Acetobacter Aceti?

#28. About 3.5 billion years ago, which process was used to convert light into chemical energy when estimated to have begun?

#29. Which disease is diagnosed by (PPD) tests, Mantoux and Heaf?

#30. Which cell organelle is absent in animal cells but present in a plant cell?

#31. What do we term as the virus that infects bacteria?

#32. Which is the other vascular tissue apart from the xylem which transports water from roots to stems and leaves?

#33. Among the four nucleobases in DNA, which pairs with thymine?

#34. Which enzyme is known as a light-producing enzyme that occurs in fireflies?

#35. Which type of amazonian animal demonstrates nasal sex in the animal kingdom?

#36. Which is the only kind of mammal originating in New Zealand apart from marine mammals?

#37. Which female hormone, produced by the hypothalamus, stimulates uterine contraction during childbirth?

#38. The smallest bones are found in the ear in the human body. Which is it?

#39. Which is the preferred name for roundworms derived from a greek meaning thread?

#40. Low level of what blood component causes bleeding gums or easy bruising?

#41. Which commonly used vegetable is the most cultivated species of the Allium genus and is considered toxic for cats and dogs?

#42. What do we refer to as the microorganism that requires oxygen to live and grow especially used in the laboratory?

#43. What species of shark is responsible for the fourth most human bites records?

#44. What type of marine creatures were isolated from green fluorescent proteins?

#45. The branch of biology that studies winged creatures like moths and butterflies is called?

#46. Which protein act as a catalyst by lowering the activation energy needed for a reaction?

#47. Apart from Plants, fungi, animals, and monera, which other kingdoms do living things belong to?

#48. Name the chart made up of all food chains in the ecosystem.

#49. Ommatidea is the many units packed together to form the eye's surface. Which arthropods do not poses compound eyes?

#50. Which membrane-bound organelle found in cells was named after an Italian physician, Camillo, who discovered it in 1877?


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