50 National Parks Trivia Question and Answers 

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The United States covers approximately 3.8 million square miles making it the third largest country in the world. In this vast area, there are several national parks. 63 sites are designated as national parks. Further, the National Park Service has hundreds of other sites under its management, like national lakeshores, national historic sites, national wildlife preserves, and even national forests. The big question is how well you know these national parks.

We are putting you on a knowledge test on national park trivia with the following questions. You will be exposed to the history of National Parks and other important information. Let us see if you have what it takes to be a national park trivia champion. 

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 National Parks Trivia Question and Answers 


#1. Which is the oldest U.S. National Park?

#2. The 10 highest waterfalls in the world are located in which National Park?

#3. Which of the following National parks is known for one of the seven natural Wonders of the world?

#4. Which State has a National Park with the largest living single-stem tree in the world? Texas

#5. Which of the following States does not have a national park?

#6. The largest U.S. national park as per acreage is?

#7. Does Colorado have four National Parks?

#8. Among the amazing national parks, which one is not in Utah?

#9. Which of the following National Parks is 95% underwater?

#10. Which National Park has the deepest lake In North America?

#11. Among the following State, which one has the most national parks

#12. Where is Mammoth cave located?

#13. The Great Smoky Mountains Park is named after blue haze. What causes this blue haze?

#14. The National Park Service was signed into being in 1916. Which of the following presidents did it?

#15. Butch Cassidy and his gang hid out in Canyons in which National Park?

#16. Identify the National Park with a carbon glazier with the greatest thickness and volume of any glacier in the U.S. continent.

#17. The largest wilderness area in the East of the Mississippi River is found in which National Park?

#18. Which national Park is home to the most massive single mountain on Earth?

#19. Among the following National Parks, which one among them is the newest?

#20. The smallest National Park is found in which State?

#21. The largest National Park in the 48 U.S states and it stretches 5700 square miles, or 3.4 million acres is called

#22. Which of the following national parks are the first and second most visited National Parks?

#23. The highest point in National Park is found in which National Park?

#24. Indicate the number of National Parks in California and Alaska.

#25. Which National Park is the least visited National Park in the U.S.?

#26. The deepest cave is found in which National Park

#27. Which National Park is considered the largest archeological preserve in the United States?

#28. According to National Parks Service visitation numbers, which is the most popular Park in Alaska?

#29. Which State is home to Lassen Volcanic National Park?

#30. Which national Park has its own Grand Canyon and has hydrothermal features, including acidic geysers, mud pots, and hot springs?

#31. The National Park that hosts the Thelma & Louse half-marathon in honor of the 1991 classic is called?

#32. Which national Park is considered as salamander capital of the world?

#33. The U.S. designated Christmas tree can be found in which National Park?

#34. Which National Park has a narrow and deep canyon that the sunlight reaches the gorge about 33 minutes a day?

#35. Which National Park is considered as being the highest point in the entire State of Texas

#36. Which Volcanic national parks have all four types of volcanoes: cinder cone, plug dome, composite, and shield?

#37. Which was the first Park created to protect living organisms?

#38. Which one of the following features are found in Yellowstone National Park?

#39. Among the features below, which one is not found at Wrangell-St Elias National Park?

#40. Which is crater Lake National Park located?

#41. Which volcanoes is not found in Hawaii?

#42. Identify the Mammoth cave entrance.

#43. Where is Lassen Volcanic National Park found?

#44. Which animal is found in Katmai National Park?

#45. Which one of the following landmarks cannot be found in Indiana dunes National Park?

#46. Which is not a native mammal to Channel Island National Park?


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Alongside other sites, our national parks are undoubtedly a delight. You can visit these sites and enjoy the unique, fascinating sites and different activities. You will understand why these should be your family’s and friends’ following vacation destinations. Which Park did you visit recently? What can you remember about the parks? 

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