50 Modern Literature Trivia Questions and Answers

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Literature is a vast pool of knowledge and all categories of books. Playing literature trivia is not only entertaining but also educational. Solving literature trivia is perfect for utilizing your trivia night and finding new knowledge.

If you’re a fan of modern literature, you’ll truly enjoy this trivia. Well, in this article, we’re going to discuss the common and latest literature question. Now let’s see how you handle the following questions.

Ready, quiz!

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Modern Literature Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. In the Harry Potter book, which animal is the symbol of Ravenclaw?

#2. Which author wrote the book titled The Standard Book of Spells?

#3. Sir Walter Scott wrote novels in which country?

#4. The Don Quixote was written in which language?

#5. Who in the Harry Potter novel is referred to as the Half-Blood Prince?

#6. When was Ted Hughes honored with the Poet Laureateship?

#7. Roald Dahl wrote how many novels?

#8. Which author is associated with these words "Theatre of the Absurd'?

#9. Which Scottish author wrote the Country of the Blind and the Quite Ugly Novel?

#10. How many ghosts visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

#11. The first Harry Potter novel was written in which year?

#12. What country considers the Shujing, Chunqiu, and Shijing to be the cornerstones of its literary tradition?

#13. Which literature theatre was founded by W Yeats?

#14. Who is the author of "A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Thief"?

#15. Which Harold Pinter play has the two menacing visitors Goldberg and McCann?

#16. Which Centaur is Not mentioned in the Harry Potter books?

#17. What is the title of Monica Ali's 2003 novel on the Bangladeshi community in London?

#18. Which dramatic is commonly associated with epic theatre?

#19. What was the theater's name that staged several of Shakespeare's plays?

#20. Which of the Bronte sisters wrote Jane Eyre?

#21. Which author edited the anthology, New Lines?

#22. Who was the author of the political satire Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

#23. What was Robert Louis Stevenson's nationality?

#24. How many forbidden curses are there in the Harry Potter novel?

#25. In Pippi Longstocking, what color is Pippi's hair?

#26. In Peter Pan, what is the name of Darling's daughter?

#27. Who penned Matilda, The Witches, and The BFG, all adapted into films?

#28. Who authored the Chronicles of Narnia?

#29. What kind of animal is Boxer in George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'?

#30. Lord of the Flies' was authored by whom?

#31. Which is not the name of the three musketeers in Alexandre Dumas' novel?

#32. Who is the author of 'A Brave New World'?

#33. Who authored 'The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind'?

#34. What genre is best-selling author Agatha Christie known for writing?

#35. When was the film based on Nicholas Sparks' novel 'The Notebook' released?

#36. Who played the role of Diggory Cedric in the Harry Potter films?

#37. What imaginary town is To Kill a Mockingbird located in?

#38. Which state in the United States was the psychiatric asylum in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest located in?

#39. What is the name of Nathaniel Hawthorne's protagonist in "The Scarlet Letter"?

#40. Which of Ernest Hemingway's novels featured bullfighting?

#41. Where does Alexander McCall Smith's The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series take place in Africa?

#42. How many seasons does the TV show based on the novel 'The Vampire Diaries' have?

#43. Nicholas Sparks is well-known for his work in which genre?

#44. Who authored the novels that inspired the films Carrie and The Shining?

#45. Which Charles Dickens novel features Pip as the primary character?

#46. How often did publishers reject J K Rowling's pitch for 'Harry Potter'?

#47. Which Italian island is the setting for Joseph Heller's Catch-22?

#48. Who was the author of "No Country for Old Men and The Road"?

#49. A limerick has how many lines?

#50. Who authored the longest poem, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"?


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