50 Disney kid Trivia questions and Answers

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Sometimes kids may be too stubborn or disturbing. You may have tried many ways to calm them, but all your methods bear no fruit. Have you tried fun kids’ trivia? If not, then this is the perfect solution to keep your kids busy and productive at the same time.

Disney kid trivia has diverse Disney-related questions for children of all ages. The trivia will help in examining the recalling power of the children and the ability of the child to differentiate various actors. So, without wasting time, let’s dive deeper into trivia questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Disney kid Trivia questions and Answers


#1. Mickey House has how many fingers?

#2. Which is not the name of the dwarfs in Snow White?

#3. Genie stayed in the lamp for how many years before Aladdin found him?

#4. Where was the Luca Movie set?

#5. Disneyland was opened in which year?

#6. How many dwarfs are thee in the Snow White movie?

#7. In which year was Walt Disney born?

#8. Where was The Aristocats Movie set?

#9. Who was Simba's best friend in The Lion King film?

#10. In Frozen, how many brothers does Prince Hans have?

#11. Which animals represent Bianca and Bernard in The Rescuers film?

#12. Where was Walt Disney born?

#13. Which is the color of Ariel's seashell bikini?

#14. Where is the magic lamp hidden in the Aladdin film?

#15. In Toy Story, what is the name of Andy's neighbor?

#16. Where was the Ratatouille Movie set?

#17. Which of the following movies has the "Let It Go" song?

#18. Where does Aladdin live?

#19. Who's best friend Aladdin in the Aladdin film?

#20. What does the phrase "Hakuna Matata" mean in the context of Disney?

#21. When Aladdin became the prince, his name changed to what?

#22. What would be the cause of the death of Princess Aurora?

#23. Princess Aurora was supposed to die at what age?

#24. What is the real name of Sleeping Beauty in the Sleeping Beauty Film?

#25. Who's Mufasa's advisor in The Lion King?

#26. Which is NOT among the three fairies in the Sleeping Beauty film?

#27. The Magic Kingdom movie includes several mountains. Which of the following mountain is Not found in this movie?

#28. When is the Maleficent curse supposed to occur?

#29. What are Tiana's dress colors in the Princess and the Frog film?

#30. Which is the first Pixar movie?

#31. What is the name of the musical instrument that Louis the Alligator likes to play in the Princess and the Frog film?

#32. In The Fox and the Hound movie, what is the name of the little fox?

#33. The Prince Naveen of the Princess and the Frog comes from which city?

#34. What is the color of Rapunzel's hair in the Tangled film?

#35. In Finding Nemo, how old is Crush?

#36. Mulan is a Disney film from which country?

#37. In The Fox and the Hound movie, what is the name of the Hound?

#38. Shan Yu has the neck of which bird in the Mulan film?

#39. What is the name given to the horse in the Mulan film?

#40. In Hercules, there are how many Muses?

#41. Where do the seven dwarfs in the Snow White film work?

#42. What is the name of the poisonous fruit that Snow White ate?

#43. How many sisters does Cinderella have?

#44. Cinderella is in which dress when she goes to the ball in the Cinderella Film?

#45. Cinderella is in which dress when she goes to the ball in the Cinderella Film?

#46. John Smith is one of the actors in the Pocahontas film. Where is he from?

#47. In the Lion King, what was the name of Simba's uncle?

#48. What valuable thing was John Smith searching for in Virginia?

#49. What is the pet of Moana in the Moana film?

#50. What animals raised Mowgli in The Jungle Book?


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