50 Fun kid trivia questions and Answers

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Trivia games are not only for adults but also for kids. Trivia questions are an excellent and the best educational tool for testing kids’ knowledge. In addition, it is a perfect way to boost their knowledge and confidence. Therefore, this article will play magic to impart knowledge to your kids.

This article has 50 questions to help your kids improve their learning experience. These questions will help your kids discover how much they know about their surroundings. Check out the following questions and try to tackle them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Fun kid trivia questions and Answers


#1. Rainbow has how many colors in total

#2. Adult human being has how many teeth?

#3. Which is the longest River in the World?

#4. South Africa has three cities. Which of the following is NOT among these three cities?

#5. Which is the largest ocean in the World?

#6. What is the name of the Deepest River in the World?

#7. Which is the capital city of Uganda

#8. Which country is the source of the River Nile?

#9. Which is the tallest waterfall in the World?

#10. Which is the largest internal part of the body?

#11. There are how many great lakes in the World?

#12. Which of the following lakes is found in three countries?

#13. In which town was baby Jesus born?

#14. Mickey House has how many fingers?

#15. Which is the largest external body organ?

#16. A fraction's top number is known as a?

#17. Lake Victoria is found in three countries. Which one is Not?

#18. Which lake is divided between the four countries?

#19. What do we call a fish with neither a brain nor a heart?

#20. Bees produce which product?

#21. What do we call an animal that eats both plants and meats?

#22. Which is the largest and biggest lake in the World?

#23. Which planet is found close to the sun?

#24. What is the color of a giraffe's tongue?

#25. How many planets are in the Solar system?

#26. There are how many days in a week?

#27. Which mountain is the third tallest in the World?

#28. Octagon has how many sides?

#29. Birds come in different sizes. Which is the largest?

#30. The heart of a human being is made up of how many chambers?

#31. There are how many zeros in a million?

#32. Which part of the mountain receives rainfall?

#33. Which is the smallest continent on Earth?

#34. Which country has the Great Pyramids?

#35. Which is the World's largest continent?

#36. Which bible book is the shortest book in the New Testament?

#37. What is the color of the grass?

#38. Which among the following animals is the fastest?

#39. Human beings use their tongue to taste. What does a butterfly use to taste food?

#40. The United States is made up of how many states?

#41. Which is the largest animal in the Jungle?

#42. Which is the World's tallest mountain?

#43. A typical day has how many hours?

#44. Who in the bible killed Cain?

#45. Which mammal can walk and fly as well?

#46. Which is the biggest farm animal?

#47. How many years make one century?

#48. There are how many days in a year?

#49. Shark has how many bones?

#50. There are how many weeks in a year?


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