50 Trivia Questions and Answers about the 90s

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Do you still miss the 90s? The 90s was an incredible century that is worth to be remembered. Many things happened in music, fashion, and movies, among other industries. If you are looking for a game about the 90s, you have come to the right place.

Are you ready to tackle questions related to the 90s? We’ve compiled 50 questions that will truly examine your knowledge about the 90s occurrences. Let’s find out how much you understand the 90s with the following questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about the 90s


#1. Which Hip hop singer was shot in Las Vegas in 1996?

#2. Who did Biggie Small Marry in 1994?

#3. When was the mall of America opened?

#4. Which musician had many spectators at the Houston Astrodome in 1995?

#5. Lein Lensky played a leading role in which movie in 1991?

#6. Before Genetic Engineering was introduced in the 1990s, what was the color of roses?

#7. Which was the most-watched tv series in the 90s?

#8. When was the Family Guy Tv show premiered?

#9. In which city did the Family Guy Show take place?

#10. Which female actor was the leading role in the Se7en movie of 1995?

#11. Which was the song for the Cosby Show?

#12. Which city hosted the Simpson TV show?

#13. Cheers was a famous movie series in the 90s. Where was it set?

#14. In the Twin Peaks show that premiered in the 90s, what killed Laura Palmer?

#15. Which actors played a leading role in the Shawshank Redemption movie (1994)?

#16. Which was the debut Tv show for Claire Danes?

#17. In Which city can you find the Connor Family Tv show?

#18. In the Boy Meets World, what is the name of the crazy older brother?

#19. In The Drew Carey Show(1990s), where did Mimi send Drew?

#20. Who fell over on the catwalk in 1993?

#21. When were the Forrest Gump movies released?

#22. Who was not a star in the Con Air film?

#23. Which actor was featured in the 1997 animated movie Hercules?

#24. Which actor played the role of Captain Hiller in the Independence Day movie?

#25. Which musician was not in the Cold Play 1997 rock band?

#26. When was the "Give it Away" song released?

#27. Which band produced the "Give it Away" single?

#28. Which was the top-selling album in the 90s?

#29. Google Search engine was launched in which year?

#30. Which band produced A different Beat song in 1996?

#31. When was the World Wide Web launched?

#32. Which shoe brand sold more than 5 million pairs in 1992?

#33. How old was Notorious BIG tragically killed?

#34. Backstreet Boys is a famous 1990s band. How many members did it have?

#35. Which female artist released the Hero song in 1993?

#36. Which band was sued by Mattel in the 90s?

#37. Which was the top-selling Disney movie in 1994?

#38. The first reality show was aired in the 1990s. What was its name?

#39. When was the final episode of Cheers aired?

#40. Which Jamaican musician released the Iron Lion Zion single in 1992?

#41. How many Americans watched the O.J. Simpson trial verdict?

#42. When was "The Fly" hit produced?

#43. Which year did the Dream Team win Olympic Gold?

#44. During the 90s, what was the minimum wage for most workers?

#45. The Immaculate Collection is a famous music album. Which musician produced it?

#46. In which year was the Immaculate Collection album released?

#47. Who became the first secretary of state in 1997?

#48. Which year did the Major League Soccer debut in the United States?

#49. Which of these cartoon movies did not premiere in the 1990s?

#50. Which band produced The Fly hit?


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