50 Earth Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you want to be more rounded like the Earth? Why not extend your skills by doing more nature trivia quizzes? Take our Earth trivia questions to completely experience the world’s phenomenon. Even though we all live on Earth, few of us know everything there is to know about it. Our planet’s 7,926-mile radius is home to lush ecosystems of plant and animal life, its atmosphere, and layers deep beneath the surface. It has seas and rock formations nearly four billion years old while circling the sun.

Earth trivia questions and answers covering geography, oceanography, biology, and more may be found here. To pass this quiz, you’ll need knowledge ranging from the core to the atmosphere’s edge. If you believe you are up to the task, shake off the crust and prepare for a feat of planetary proportions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Earth Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which day is referred to as Earth Day?

#2. In which year was the first Earth Day commemorated?

#3. Approximately how many people celebrate Earth Day?

#4. Which type of earthquake cause the most damage on Earth?

#5. What was the measure of the largest earthquake ever recorded?

#6. Which Earth's layer is found on the outside part of the Earth's atmosphere?

#7. Which is the warmest ocean as compared to other Earth's oceans?

#8. The planet Earth takes how many days to revolve around the sun?

#9. Approximately there are how many natural satellites on Earth?

#10. What is the name of the steam from the Earth's surface?

#11. Earth homes, how many continents?

#12. So far, Earth has how many countries?

#13. What is the distance around the Earth at the Equator?

#14. Which is the densest planet in the solar system?

#15. Which of these Earth's caves is the deepest?

#16. Which Earth-related theory state that Earth was once connected and drifted apart?

#17. Earth has how many percentages of fresh water?

#18. What is formed after the water condenses in the Sky?

#19. The sun takes how many minutes to reach the Earth's surface?

#20. Which line divides the Earth's surface into two poles?

#21. Which is the main element in the Earth's core?

#22. What name is given to a person who studies earthquakes

#23. How many hours did John Glenn take to orbit the Earth?

#24. What is the name of the molten rock found on the Earth's surface?

#25. How thick is the Earth's crust?

#26. Where do the majority of earthquakes occur?

#27. Which name is given to the scar caused on the Earth's Surface by the cosmic body?

#28. How old is planet Earth?

#29. What is the source of the Earth's internal heat engine?

#30. Which is the largest and biggest lake on Earth?

#31. What name is given to scientists who study the Earth's surface?

#32. What is the name given to the largest volcanic lake on Earth?

#33. When is Earth closest to the sun?

#34. What is the name of the continental fault that runs nearly a thousand miles through California?

#35. Who is the author of the Theory of the Earth book of 1795?

#36. Which type of plate boundary caused the Andes Mountains in South America?

#37. Which is the deepest navigable lake on Earth?

#38. Which European country produces 90% of Europe's natural roofing slate?

#39. What name is given to the part of Earth that support life?

#40. What is the dimension of the inner core of the Earth's moon?

#41. Approximately how many moons can fit inside the Earth?

#42. Which is the most popular city on Earth?

#43. Which of these stars is the closest to the Earth's surface?

#44. Where does the Earth's most breathable air come from?

#45. Which singer authored the Earth Day song?

#46. Which supercontinent existed in the Paleozoic era?

#47. Which Earth's layer contains the ozone layer?

#48. In which year did Google introduce its first Earth Day doodle?

#49. Which part of the atmosphere absorbs the majority of ultraviolet rays?

#50. Earth Oxygen takes what percentage of the total Earth's mass?


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