50 Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you want to visit Japan soon or learn more about the Land of the Rising Sun? Check out the 50 trivia Japan quiz questions and answers below to put your knowledge to the test.

Japan is an enthralling nation with a unique history and culture. Japan, known for its technology, natural beauty, and distinct traditions, has diverse trivia subjects to investigate. There’s plenty to discover, from ancient temples and castles to current technologies and pop culture. Here are some fascinating Japanese trivia facts you may not know.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Japan Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which is the capital city of Japan?

#2. Which is the acceptable currency used in Japan?

#3. Which of these colors is found in Japan's flag?

#4. What does the term "Shinto" means in Japan?

#5. What is the name given to the traditional dress of Japan?

#6. Which martial art originates from Japan?

#7. There are how many islands in total in Japan?

#8. Which geometric shape is found at the center of a Japanese flag?

#9. Japan is located on which side of the Asia continent?

#10. Which sacred animal is found in Nara Park?

#11. In Japan, what is Kinkaku-ji?

#12. After which two countries is Japan the world's third-largest economy?

#13. What is Japan's current population?

#14. What's the name of the sea that separates Japan, Russia, and Korea?

#15. Fuji is considered a holy icon of Japan. What exactly is it?

#16. When was the most recent time Mount Fuji erupted?

#17. During World War II, the United States unleashed two atomic bombs on which Japanese cities?

#18. What is the name of the Robot designed and developed by Honda, a Japanese Company?

#19. What is Japan's oldest university?

#20. What is Japan's second most populous city?

#21. On April 26, 2001, who was elected Prime Minister of Japan?

#22. Which Japanese wine is created from fermented rice?

#23. Which term is used to refer to a new year in Japan?

#24. What Japanese city is regarded as the "Kitchen of Japan"?

#25. The Obon festival, one of Japan's major holiday seasons, occurs during which season of the year?

#26. Tempura is a traditional Japanese cuisine that comprises battered and deep-fried vegetables, pork, and shellfish. However, whose nation is the food truly from?

#27. Tokyo is the Capital city of Japan. It is located on which island?

#28. Tsukiji in Tokyo is the world's largest market for what food?

#29. What is the central theme of Bonsai, a world-famous art form?

#30. Which dog breeds are native to Japan?

#31. What is the Japanese word for "hello"?

#32. Which Japanese term refers to the art of folding paper?

#33. In Japan, the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge links which island to Kobe?

#34. When did Japan participate in the Treaty of Kanagawa?

#35. The treaty of Kanagawa promoted the re-opening of ports in two countries. Japan and which other country?

#36. Which of the following is NOT a Japanese company?

#37. Godzilla Road may be found in which city?

#38. What is Japan's most popular Western nickname?

#39. When did Japan join the United Nations?

#40. Which is the largest Island in Japan?

#41. What does the Japanese word donburi mean?

#42. How many Summer Olympics has Tokyo hosted?

#43. Where can you find the royal palace?

#44. Which of these dishes comes from Japan?

#45. What flower represents the Japanese Imperial family and Emperor?

#46. What is Japan's biggest freshwater lake?

#47. In Japan, where can you locate Universal Studios?

#48. Which skyscraper is Japan's highest structure?

#49. What does the word 'thank you' mean in Japanese?

#50. What is Japan's highest peak, at 3,776 meters?


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