50 Tv Shows Trivia Questions and Answers

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How much television do you watch every day? Do you enjoy TV shows and want to take the ultimate TV Shows Quiz? That is just what you will receive here!

Whether you’re a soap opera shows, a drama show, a game show, or just an armchair game show competitor, television has gotten us through a lot in the previous two years. So don’t let anybody tell you your binge-watching sessions are a waste of time. Prove your Tv show masterly by tackling these questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Tv Shows Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. "The walking dead" series, what is Negan's bat name?

#2. In "Arrested Developments," MichaelCera's character shares a name with which Pop Artists?

#3. In "Leave it to Beaver, what was Beaver cleaver's first name?

#4. In the original Batman TV series, Burgess Meredith played which series?

#5. Which state in the United States does the Connor family of Roseanne's TV show live in?

#6. Which American TV sitcom is Mayim Bialik, a real-life neuroscience actor?

#7. Jason Bateman in Ozark plays which role in the drama series?

#8. Michael Taylor and Joey Harris are the characters of Dad in which movie?

#9. Jamie Farr Klinger, a M*A*S*H character, served during which war?

#10. In "Bob's Burgers," who leads Edith Cranwinkle's quilting circle?

#11. Which American Tv show was the first toilet flush ever heard of?

#12. In "The X-Files," how did Dana Scully name the dog?

#13. In "The Office," when celebrating Pam's mother's birthday, how old does Michael Scott think she was?

#14. "The Wire " show took place in?

#15. Dodgers and Phillies featured the first in a TV advertisement. Which types of games are they?

#16. When did Ken Jennings wear Jeopardy? In which year and take home 2.5 million dollars?

#17. Hans Zimmers composed the iconic music theme of which channel news?

#18. Mary-Kate and Ashley, what did they fake when filming Full house?

#19. Which show does Barney Fife keep a bullet in his skirt pocket?

#20. Which American sitcom did George Costanza's wife licking Envelopes cause her death?

#21. Who became a fugitive in the 9th season of The Office?

#22. Which cable channel did Dream on first air?

#23. In the finale episode of M*A*S*H, which of these names was not in the title?

#24. In the ABC network channel, how many episodes did Happy Days have?

#25. "My Mother The Car," who was the starring star in that fantasy comedy?

#26. What did Mila Kunis lie about herself for the reason to be part of that'70s Show?

#27. How many actors engaged in Topanga's parents in Boy Meets World?

#28. The stock sound used for people screaming in various TV shows is called?

#29. In the Star Trek series, Earth planet is in which class?

#30. Johnny Carson began hosting which show in 1962?

#31. Which TV show involves Spinoff, Mork, and Mindy?

#32. What are the extremely unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony called?

#33. Which occupation in Die Hard was Reginald Vel Johnson's character?

#34. Drew Barrymore was the youngest person to host Saturday Night Live. At what age was he?

#35. In "The Golden Girls," what was Dorothy Zbornak's profession?

#36. Mockingbird Lane was addressed in which horror comedy film?

#37. Who complained about Crime Scene Investigation TV show that was influencing real-life juries?

#38. Among The Blacklist series, who is the lead actress?

#39. In the Jetsons cartoon, what did they name the dog?

#40. In "Good Morning San Francisco," which two characters worked together in Full house television?

#41. Who was not among the friends that hung out at Central Perk coffeehouse?

#42. In "How I met your mother," which instrument did the mother, Christin play?

#43. Which actor was not among the thrilling Star Trek movie?

#44. America's Next Top Model and Life-Size were produced by which prominent model?

#45. In Gilligan's Island, how many castaways were in the film?

#46. Which American sitcom was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays?

#47. Magnum P.In a popular American crime drama, who was the main character?

#48. Which American sitcom was Queen Latifah prima?

#49. Who was Bart Simpson's teacher in the American animated television series," The Simpsons"?


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