50 Geography Trivia Multi-choice Questions

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Test your IQ with these 50 medium level trivial questions.

Geography is the study of the earth’s physical features and its atmosphere. In addition, it involves studying human activity because its highly affected by these. For instance, the distribution of human population versus distribution of resources, economic and political activity.

In simple terms it’s a scientific field that focuses on the study of the features, lands, phenomena and inhabitants of the earth.

Geography is complex because not only show where objects are but also provides a deep understanding of the earth, natural complexities, and the population. Besides, many Geographical concepts can be applied in the field of planetary science to understand other celestial bodies.

Geography is further divided into three main categories. These are Human Geography, Technical Geography and Physical Geography.

The following Trivia questions have been drawn from all the three categories. Read the question and tick the correct answer. Once you finish answering the questions click on finish to get your final results.

50 Geography Trivia Questions


#1. Bridgetown is the capital City of which of the following towns Islands in the Carribean?

#2. Borneo, a South East Asian Island is split politically amongst how many countries?

#3. What is the region conjoining China, India, and Pakistan with unknown leadership called?

#4. The Nazca lines are found where?

#5. Frankenmuth, a USA city dubbed "Little Bavaria", is located in which state?

#6. The flag of South Africa features how many colors?

#7. In which province in Canada is Montreal?

#8. The country of Angola is located in which country?

#9. Which of the following is not a Philipine Island?

#10. Which of the following modern linguistic language family is the most controverrsial?

#11. Which of the following countries has 3 capital cities?

#12. The title of the 1969 film "Krakatoa, East of Java" is incorrect, since Krakatoa is west of Java

#13. In what continent is the country of Lesetho located in?

#14. The capital of Canada's British Colombia is?

#15. Broome Town is located in which State in Australia

#16. The Sonoran Desert is Located in?

#17. Which of the following countries in South America is the smallest in terms of Area?

#18. Which of the following is the most northern most human settlement that is inhabitted year round

#19. These countries have official claims to Antartica Territory except?

#20. Which of the following Russian City was the former East-Prussian cityof Koulnigsberg?

#21. One of the following countries has the abbreviation "CH". Which one is it?

#22. The capital of Nevada State in United States is?

#23. Netherlands has how many provinces?

#24. Which country in West Africa is the is the historical city of Timbuktu found?

#25. All the following spanish provinces are located in Nothern part of spain except one. Which one is it?

#26. Which of the following rivers is the longest in Europe

#27. Answer true or false. Japan's traffic is left handed?

#28. Which one of the following is the capital city of Australia

#29. One of the following is not a megadiverse country - one that has a high number of the earth's endemic species? Which one is it?

#30. The African nation of Zimbabwe was previously called?

#31. Which of the following ports is the busiest in Europe?

#32. Which one of the following is the tallest mountain in the world?

#33. The following villages/towns are located in the Pacific Islan Country of Kiribati except one. Which one is it?

#34. The Capital city of Chile is?

#35. One of the following countries do not recognize Armenia as a independent nation. Which one is it?

#36. Which one of the following is the capital city of Estonia?

#37. How many timezones does Russia have?

#38. Which of these countries is in the Eurozone but outside the Schengen region?

#39. The capital city of Slovenia is?

#40. Stonehenge is in which English county?

#41. The city of Portsmouth is found in Which English county?

#42. Bhutan's official language is?

#43. Which of these countries is the fifth largest by area?

#44. The capital city of Senegal is called?

#45. Juneau in Alaska has how many roads in or out?

#46. Which of the following cities is the capital city of Switzerland?

#47. The University of East Angilia is found in which English County?

#48. Which one of the following is the capital city of Belarus

#49. What is the Capital city of Greenland?

#50. The United Kingdom has how many countries?


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