50 Birds Trivia Questions and Answers

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How much do you know about our feathered friends? Test your knowledge with these 50 trivia multiple-choice questions with answers.

Did you know ravens and claws are highly intelligent? Do you know how many bird species exist in the world? How many species of birds can you name?

Every country is blessed with various birds that help balance the ecosystem. In this trivia, you will get to explore all kinds of birds. It’s all about birds, from the flying to no-flight birds, carnivores to herbivores.

Let’s sharpen your mind with some information about birds before we begin.

Birds refer to warm-blooded vertebrates, which can be identified by characteristics such as laying eggs, feathers, high metabolic rate, lightweight yet strong skeleton, toothless beaked jaws, and a heart with chambers.

Birds have wings that develop depending on the species. However, scientists believe two extinct birds, the Moa and the elephant bird, did not have wings. They also believe evolution has led to the loss of flight in birds such as penguins and ratites.

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Birds


#1. Which of these birds makes a nest by weaving to the ground?

#2. One of these birds cannot fly. Which one is it?

#3. A group of owls is collectively known as a?

#4. Which of the following names represents the study of bird migration?

#5. Which bird has a toothed beak?

#6. What is the name of Australia's giant bird?

#7. Which bird is known to be the fastest in terms of flight?

#8. Birds feature the following characteristics that help them fly except one. Which one is it?

#9. Mammals and birds have one similar trait, which is?

#10. Birds have the following body parts except one

#11. What do we call a group of ravens?

#12. How many bird species are estimated to be in the world?

#13. One of these birds contains a throat poach for fish.

#14. Only one bird in the world that can fly in reverse. Which is?

#15. All bird species can lay eggs.

#16. Which country has the most different types of birds?

#17. Which bird lays the heaviest egg?

#18. Only one type of bird has nostrils in the world. Which is it?

#19. The old law allowed the Queen to own which entire population of birds?

#20. All of these bird species are flightless except one

#21. Which bird is known as Pica Pica in scientific terms?

#22. The continent of South America is known for how many bird species?

#23. One ostrich egg can be compared to how many chicken eggs?

#24. How heavy can a bald eagle's nest weigh?

#25. A kiwi is referred to as what sometimes?

#26. Only one bird can eat with its head upside down. Which one is it?

#27. Which of these birds lays the most miniature eggs in the world

#28. What is the average heartbeat of a bird at rest?

#29. Which one of the following birds is poisonous

#30. A young one of penguin is referred to as a?

#31. Which of these nations is native to Turkey?

#32. Which continent is the red-billed quelea primarily found in?

#33. The Official State of ALbama's bird is known as?

#34. A peacock's neck is what color?

#35. Which of these birds represents the official international symbol of happiness?

#36. A female peacock is referred to as a?

#37. Which of the following is a baby Swan's name?

#38. The largest type of penguin is known as the?

#39. Flamingoes are initially born in what color?

#40. Which type of eagle is the United State's emblem?

#41. Which of the following birds does not feed on prey?

#42. Nearly all bird eggshells are made from one compound element. Which one is it?

#43. Which one of the following sentences is true about birds?

#44. In which continent do UK's Cuckoos fly during winter?

#45. Parrots generally appear brightly colored. Which is the most dominant color on parrots?

#46. One of these birds lays eggs on another bird's nest to avoid raising chicks. Which one is it?

#47. Raptors is the name given to which type of bird?

#48. Only one bird can recognize itself in the mirror. Which is it?

#49. The American Robin lays which color of eggs.

#50. What are the most words to ever be spoken by a parrot?


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