50 Animal Trivia Questions and Answers

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Did you know there are more than 8 million species of animals worldwide? Scientists have only documented 1.5 million of them officially.

Animals refer to living things that can move, breathe oxygen, feed organic matter, reproduce sexually, and responds quickly to stimuli.

In science, animals belong to the Animalia kingdom and are classified as Eukaryotes.  The animal kingdom was divided into two thanks to the biologist Ernst Haeckel. These kingdoms include multicellular and single-celled organisms.

Ernst Haeckel’s classification gave birth to modern-day biology, which no longer identifies single-celled organisms () as animals.

Refresh your memory with these 50 animal trivia multiple-choice questions. Ranging from sea creatures to the wild animals of the tropical savannah. Also, the questions cover big animals to the tiniest insects giving you a thorough exploration.

Play this trivia game to the end to learn more exciting facts about animals in general.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Animal Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. What is the world's fastest animal?

#2. What do we call a modern-day human in scientific terms?

#3. Kakapo is a flightless, nocturnal, and large parrot. Which native country is it from?

#4. The Latin name hippocampus refers to which water creature?

#5. A butterfly contains how many legs?

#6. A baby bat is known as a?

#7. Grumpy cat's real name is?

#8. The newts are members of which animal class?

#9. A group of crows is collectively known as?

#10. Which of the following definitions shows where an abyssopelagic animal lives?

#11. The female blackbird is what color?

#12. An adult rabbit has how many teeth?

#13. Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy is commonly referred to as what?

#14. A male bee from a fertilized egg is referred to as a?

#15. The collective name for bears is?

#16. A group of rats is collectively referred to as a?

#17. Which of the following birds is born with claws on its wings?

#18. One of the following is the worlds longest venomous snake. Which one is it?

#19. All reptiles, mammals, and birds belong to which biological phylum?

#20. Decapods refer to 10-footed crustaceans. Which one of these doesn't belong to the Decapods?

#21. Which of the these animals has the longest lifespan?

#22. Which of the following mammals can truly fly?

#23. An army of frogs is referred to as a?

#24. A Hummingbird can flap its wings how many times per second?

#25. A giant panda can poop how many times per day?

#26. A spider's blood is what color?

#27. What makes a gecko stick to the walls?

#28. A group of alligators is collectively known as a?

#29. One of the following dog breeds has been traced to exist long before 400 BC. Which one is it?

#30. One of the following organs constitutes a shark's 30% body mass. Which one is it?

#31. What is the name of the largest frog species?

#32. The humongous animal that has ever lived in the world is?

#33. Which of the following animals has the highest blood pressure?

#34. What was the Ethiopian wolf referred to as before they knew it was closely related to the wolves?

#35. One of the following Brown Bears is not extinct. Which one is it?

#36. The Hyanidae family belongs to which scientific suborder?

#37. How many hyena species are living in the world right now

#38. The Ardwolf belongs to which Scientific family

#39. The cheetah is referred to as what scientifically

#40. Budgerigar scientifc name is?

#41. The Gray Wolf is referred to as what scientifically?

#42. Which of the following animals is not a lizard? Which one is it?

#43. Unlike most salamanders, which of the following parts is flat on a newt?

#44. The copper-rich protein that makes the Antarctic octopus blood blue is known as?

#45. The "mountain chicken" is what species?

#46. Which family of fish makes the dish Fugu?

#47. Another name for Poecilotheria Metallica Tarantula is?

#48. The common Chimpanzee is referred to as to what scientifically?

#49. The female blackbird color is?

#50. One of the following is a colony of polyps. Which one is it?


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