50 Country Music Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you a true fan of country music? Can you prove your proficiency in Country Music?

You can examine your level of proficiency using this Country music trivia. Country Music has been the talk of the street since the old days and is slowly replacing other music genres.

If you are confident with your knowledge of Country Music, prove it using these quizzes and see how many scores you’ll get. The trivia has 50 questions and answers ranging from origins and current trends in the Country Music industry.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

Country Music Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Who's the top-selling female artist in country music?

#2. Which was Tim McGraw's debut album?

#3. Which year did the Grammy Awards for Country songs start?

#4. When did Garth Brooks release his "Friends in Low Places" single?

#5. Which was the first album of Blake Shelton?

#6. Which part of the US was Jonny Cash born in?

#7. How many singles have Shania sold out so far?

#8. Where is the birthplace of country music?

#9. Which year did Gideon Tanner die?

#10. Which country music star died on March 1963 in a plane crash?

#11. Which country music female artiste produced the "I Will Always Love You" single?

#12. How many singles by Loretta Lynn were banned by radio stations?

#13. Which country music songwriter died on a new year in 1953?

#14. Which country music singer released a chart-topping song at the age of 14?

#15. Which is the capital city of country music in the world?

#16. Choose the odd one out of instruments in country music.

#17. Where was Shania Twain born?

#18. Carrie Underwood became famous after she appeared on which TV show?

#19. Which Jimmies Rodgers's family assisted him in songwriting?

#20. Which musician sang the theme song for "The Duke of Hazzard?"

#21. Where was Keith Urban born in?

#22. Which country music star sang the "Mama Tried" song?

#23. John Denver mentions which river in his song "Take Me Home Country Roads?"

#24. Which of the following songs was not sung by Luke Combs?

#25. Which country did country music originate from?

#26. In which year was country music discovered?

#27. Which year did Dolly Parton make her debut in country music?

#28. Which country music artist won the fourth season of American Idol?

#29. Who recorded two albums while in prison?

#30. Who was the first country music singer to sell more than one million copies?

#31. Which country music singer is famously known as "The Singing Brakeman'?

#32. Which one of Loretta's songs inspired a film in 1980?

#33. Which Country music singer holds the largest indoor concert record in America?

#34. Which country music musician inspired bizarre yodeling in Kenya?

#35. Where did Nelson write "On the Road Again"?

#36. Who was the original artist of Grath Brooks's "The Thunder Rolls" song?

#37. Which country music artist is known as the "Father of Bluegrass?"

#38. Which country music songwriter landed on a helicopter while delivering a music demo?

#39. What is the real name of Hank Williams?

#40. Which country music did Buck Owens Pioneer

#41. Which Dolly Patron's song topped the Billboard Chart twice?

#42. Which Country music female artists have had a number-one hit in four decades?

#43. Which country music singer became famous because of her "Blue" song?

#44. Who among the following is the song of a former MLB pitcher?

#45. Which was the first song of Dolly patron?

#46. Which US president did Dixie Chicks criticize?

#47. Which was Johnny Cash's opening concert song?

#48. What type of disease affected and damaged Shania Twain's Vocal cords?

#49. What is the name of the backup band of Merle Haggard?

#50. Which country music singer married actress Renee Zellweger in 2005?


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