50 Hip Hop Trivia Questions and Answers

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Everybody wishes to be a hip-hop guru. How do you know or test your knowledge in hip hop? Well, you’ve found the right article that will help you gauge your Hip Hop knowledge.

 Hip-hop is a type of music genre with rhyming beats unique from other genres. Today, youths have dipped their attention to hip-hop music.

A good way to spend your leisure time is by trying to solve hip-hop trivia questions with your friends or alone. In this article, simple to hard hip questions guide you in examining how much you know this genre.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

Hip Hop Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which hip-hop group produced the "ooh La La" song?

#2. Which hip-hop singer released the album titled Ghetto D?

#3. Which of the following hip-hop singers is not a member of the Wu-Tang Clan group?

#4. Which year did Eminem release his Marshall Mathers LP album?

#5. Which hip hop group released the top-selling album "Wu-Tang Forever"?

#6. Which artist released the All Eyez On Me album?

#7. Where did hip hop originate from?

#8. Which singer is famously known as Ice Cube?

#9. Which was the first album of Jay-Z?

#10. Who is NOT a member of Fugees hip hip group?

#11. Which magazine mainly focuses on hip-hop news?

#12. Which hip-hop singer is famously referred to as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul?

#13. Which artist has won the most Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album?

#14. Which year did Kanye West release his The College Dropout album?

#15. Who is Not a member of the G-Unit group?

#16. Which Hip hop singer was shot in Las Vegas in 1996?

#17. Who released the hip-hop album titled Country Grammer?

#18. Which was the initial stage name of Lil Wayne?

#19. Which artist produced the To the Extreme Album?

#20. Who is the wealthiest hip star among the following?

#21. What is the middle name of Drake?

#22. Which famous actress was a classmate of Snoop Dogg in High School?

#23. Which is the other name for breakdancing?

#24. Which artist collaborated with Tupac Shakur to produce Ghetto Gospel?

#25. In which year did Kanye West release his debut Album?

#26. Which Hip Hop artist released the album titled "It's Dark, and Hell Is Hot"?

#27. When did Takeoff die?

#28. Which hip hop singer was the first to remix Drake's song "Started From the Bottom"?

#29. Which hip hop musician released "The Chronic" album?

#30. What is the birth name of rapper David Banner?

#31. The American rapper Brad Terrence Jordan is famously known as?

#32. Which among the following is the most successful producer?

#33. When did Eminem release his Eminem Show album?

#34. Which name does Drake produce under?

#35. Where is the head office of the Rap-A-Lot record label found?

#36. Which hip-hop group produced the Raising Hell album?

#37. Who did Biggie Small Marry in 1994?

#38. Which artist released the It Was Written Album?

#39. Who is the husband of Cardi B?

#40. When did Nicki Minaj release her debut album?

#41. Which hip-hop singer produced the God's Plan song?

#42. Which one of the following is NOT a member of the Black Moon group?

#43. Which hip-hop group received a warning letter from the FBI for referring to themselves as the most dangerous group in the world?

#44. Who is not a member of the Wu-Tang Clan?

#45. Which hip-hop group released the album titled Tricks of the Shades?

#46. Which artist is NOT a member of the Public Enemy group?

#47. Who's the owner of Jackpot Album?

#48. Who founded Young Money entertainment?

#49. What was the name of Nicki Minaj's first hit?

#50. Which hip-hop star is a Dj, record executive, rapper, and record producer?


Final Thoughts

 Did you find the trivia amazing? How well do you know Hip hop music? You can share the trivia with your friends and see if they can beat your hip-hop Knowledge.

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