50 Geology Trivia Questions and Answers

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If you are a geology fanatic, test your knowledge with these informative Geology quizzes. We’ve covered you from the easiest to the more challenging yet interesting geology facts and answers. You don’t need to worry since the questions suit both experts and beginners in this case.

Geology, also known as earth science, studies the earth’s history, evolution, and other physical processes. How well do you know geology in general? Why don’t you try one of our geology quizzes to see if answering these questions isn’t too difficult for you? Our geology quizzes will help you immensely whether you want to prepare for an upcoming exam or improve your geology knowledge.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Geology Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which name is given to a deep crack in a glacier?

#2. Which of the following is a biochemical sedimentary rock?

#3. Which one of the following is not an example of a clastic sedimentary rock?

#4. Approximately how deep are deep-sea trenches?

#5. What element's ore is bauxite?

#6. Which of the following features is not a result of the transform plate boundary?

#7. What is the most powerful type of seismic wave?

#8. Where do the majority of earthquakes occur?

#9. Where do the deepest focus earthquakes occur?

#10. Which type of seismic wave is most responsible for the damage?

#11. The following are a few examples of earthquake hazards. EXCEPT

#12. What is the only rock in water that floats?

#13. How old is planet Earth?

#14. What is Australia's national gemstone?

#15. What type of sedimentary rock is travertine

#16. What does the term "geology" mean in Latin?

#17. What is the process by which rocks change from one type to another?

#18. Which mineral is the hardest?

#19. What is the number of types of rocks are there in geology?

#20. Which geologic period is sandwiched between the Carboniferous and Triassic periods?

#21. Which of the following minerals is also known as fool's gold?

#22. Which one of the following is not an agent of metamorphism?

#23. The preexisting rock-type of a metamorphic rock is called it's what?

#24. The asthenosphere is _________

#25. What is the name of the continental fault that runs nearly a thousand miles through California?

#26. Which type of rock is Mount Rushmore National Memorial carved into?

#27. Which type of plate boundary caused the Andes Mountains in South America?

#28. Which of the following fossilized tree resins is commonly used in jewelry?

#29. What is the primary source of aluminum?

#30. Which European country produces 90% of Europe's natural roofing slate?

#31. Emeralds are what color?

#32. Sapphires and rubies are the same minerals; can you name them?

#33. What is the geological term for metamorphosed limestone?

#34. What are the two most abundant elements in the universe's nebulae?

#35. The process by which a previously homogeneous Earth evolved into a dense core and a light crust are known as:

#36. What is the layer's name that separates the crust from the core?

#37. How thick is the Earth's crust?

#38. What is the source of the Earth's internal heat engine?

#39. Who is recognized as the "Father" of Geology?

#40. Which of these processes involves heat transfer via physical movement of the material:

#41. The most serious threat to our environment is

#42. Living organisms have existed on Earth for _____ of Earth's history.

#43. Humans have existed on Earth for ________ of Earth's history.

#44. Which of the following is not one of the four inner planets?

#45. The moon is said to be older than which of the following?

#46. Which one is not caused by the Earth's external heat engine?

#47. Which of the following planets has no geological activity?

#48. The thickness of the lithosphere is approximate _____ kilometers.


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