50 Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers

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If you were born in the 1900s, you probably heard about or saw the Titanic ship that sunk in 1912. Since then, the experience and stories have been passed from one generation to another. It is believed that the ship killed more than 1,500 passengers who were on board.

Due to the experience, many concerns and questions have been raised regarding the ship. Thus, if you need to know more about the Titanic, this article covers you. We’ve compiled teasing and frequently asked questions that will truly gauge your knowledge about the Titanic ship. Check out the following questions and challenge your Titanic knowledge.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. How Many Titanic compartments of the Titanic were opened to the sea?

#2. Titanic was built in which City?

#3. In which year did Titanic start its first voyage?

#4. In which Ocean did the Titanic collide with an iceberg?

#5. Has Titanic Ship sunk in which year?

#6. Which was the tragic Titanic journey route?

#7. What is the production(building) cost of Titanic?

#8. The captain of the Titanic was?

#9. On the night Titanic sank, what did it hit?

#10. What was the size of the Titanic?

#11. How amny pasangers did Carpathia take after Titanic sank?

#12. The registration of Titanic took place in which City?

#13. Which company built the Titanic?

#14. In what deck of the Titanic Ship were the lifeboats housed?

#15. What was Titanic Deck reserved for first-class passengers only?

#16. What great danger did those who stayed afloat after the Titanic sank face?

#17. After the Titanic sank, what organization was established?

#18. How many decks did the Titanic have?

#19. What was the cost of the Titanic building in Euros?

#20. How many first-class passengers could the Titanic accommodate?

#21. Titanic had how many functioning funnels?

#22. What was the name used to refer to Titanic during the design process?

#23. 1997 Titanic film was produced with the assistance of a legendary producer. Who was the producer?

#24. At what Month and date did the Titanic sink?

#25. What is the estimate of the people on board when the Titanic sank?

#26. What is the trio name of the Titanic, the Olympic, and the Britannic belonged to?

#27. From where did the name 'Titanic' originate?

#28. What was the Titanic radio call sign?

#29. At what sea depth can the Titanic be found today?

#30. What was the intended destination of the Titanic when it sank?

#31. Where did the Titanic ship start its voyage journey?

#32. How many people could the onboard lifeboat in Titanic fit?

#33. What is the ship prefix that was given to Titanic?

#34. Ho many days of the journey had the titanic sailed before it sank?

#35. Why is there a non-functioning funnel in the ship?

#36. In what year did the Titanic wreck discover?

#37. The movie by the name 'Titanic' was released in which year?

#38. Where is the Titanic museum found?

#39. Which as the French City here Titanic stopped?

#40. What was the width of the Titanic?

#41. How long did Titanic last after hitting the iceberg?

#42. Which boat first reached where the Titanic was when it started to sink?

#43. What company operated the Titanic?

#44. What was the number of people died when the Titanic sank?

#45. The Titanic was built for how long?

#46. What was the Belfast shipyard where the Titanic was Built

#47. Who managed the White Star Line?

#48. What is the name of the Highest surviving officer after the Titanic sank?

#49. What did the iceberg do to the Titanic?

#50. Considering that Titanic had a unique design, could it have withstood a head-on collision?


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