50 Germany Trivia Questions and Answers

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How well do you know Germany? What are some fascinating facts about Germany that you are aware of?

Germany is a Central European country noted for its rich history, culture, and technology. Germany has much to offer, from ancient castles to modern cities, regarding trivia, facts, and knowledge. These are just some fascinating and unusual trivia facts about Germany. With so much to see, it’s no surprise that Germany remains a popular tourist destination. Look at the questions below and try to answer them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Germany Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Germany is located on which continent?

#2. Which is the capital city of Germany?

#3. Which currency is acceptable in Germany?

#4. What is the position of the German population in Europe?

#5. Germany homes, how many castles?

#6. Which is the 3rd most taught Language in the World?

#7. Which of these beverages is regarded as food in the Bavaria region?

#8. Berlin is how many times bigger than Paris?

#9. How many types of sausages are there in Germany?

#10. The German Language has how many dialects?

#11. Which was the first book to be printed in Germany?

#12. Which country does NOT share a boundary with Germany?

#13. When did Germany become a Unified state?

#14. Berlin is located in which part of the country?

#15. When was the first magazine launched in Germany?

#16. How many types of beers are there in Germany?

#17. Which is the most popular surname in Germany?

#18. The largest Cathedral is located in which city in Germany?

#19. Which German city has the narrowest street in the World?

#20. Woodlands and forests cover what percentage of Germany?

#21. The Cologne Cathedral took how many years to be constructed?

#22. Which festival commemorate the consumption of beer?

#23. Which German city hosts the AlphaQ firm?

#24. The Germany Capital city has shifted how many times?

#25. When first did Germany adopt Daylight saving Time (DST)?

#26. Approximately there are how many registered zoos in Germany?

#27. What is Lower Saxony's tallest mountain?

#28. Dusseldorf is located where the Dussel River meets which other European river?

#29. Munich is the capital of which German state?

#30. Which is Germany's oldest town, built in 16 BC?

#31. What is the name given to the lake on Germany's southern border?

#32. Baden-Baden is a town in which German state in the country's southwestern corner?

#33. What is the capital of Bavaria?

#34. What is the name of a spa city in Germany?

#35. Lower Saxony, and which other German state is the Teutoburg Forest in?

#36. Which city in Schleswig-Holstein shares its name with a harbor facing the Danish islands?

#37. Which German state has the Black Forest?

#38. Which river flows through Cologne?

#39. Germany translates into German as...

#40. Germany has three city-states. Berlin and Hamburg are two among them. What is the third?

#41. Which of Germany's neighboring countries is known as Osterreich in German?

#42. What year did the Allianz Arena open?

#43. Which state is Cologne a part of?

#44. What industry is the Ruhrgebiet traditionally known for?

#45. Which state has Franconia?

#46. Which town is well-known for the "Holsten-Tor"?"

#47. Hamburg is located on...?

#48. According to the 2011 census, Berlin was the most populated city in Germany. At the time, what was the second-most populated city?


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