50 Space Trivia Questions and Answers

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You might like gazing up at the night sky. But how well do you know about the universe? All aspiring astronomers are invited! You’ve come to the correct page if you’re interested in stars, planets, etc.

Man has contemplated the great expanse since ancient times, inspiring scientists like Copernicus and Galileo. Humanity made a major step forward when a man stepped on the moon. Many celestial treasures await discovery in a galaxy far, far away. Is your knowledge of trivia a baby step or a great leap? Let’s find out with some space trivia.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Space Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Which planet has the highest mountain?

#2. How old is the universe?

#3. Which among all the planets has a hexagonal-shaped storm?

#4. Which planet has the largest ocean?

#5. How long do seasons last on planet Neptune?

#6. What name is given to the storms emitted by the sun?

#7. Which among the planets in the solar system is the hottest?

#8. All the planets are named after a god except one. Which one is it?

#9. What name is given to a large group of stars, dust, and gas?

#10. Which is the coldest place in the entire universe?

#11. How far is the nearest star to the Earth other than the sun?

#12. Which two planets don't have a natural satellite?

#13. Which constellation has the hottest place in the whole universe?

#14. Who was the 3rd astronaut to walk on the Moon?

#15. Who was the 1st female commander of the International Space Station(ISS)?

#16. Which type of star is the largest in the whole universe?

#17. When a meteoroid passes the Earth's atmosphere, it has a minimum speed of?

#18. Which type of galaxies is most common in the universe?

#19. The Big Dipper is made up of how many stars?

#20. How long did it take the shortest-ever space flight?

#21. Alpha Ursa Minoris is which star?

#22. Which planet has the fastest rotation?

#23. How many constellations do we have in total?

#24. How many moons are in the solar system?

#25. What is the number of Earths that can fit in the sun?

#26. Which among the following is not a terrestrial planet?

#27. A certain percentage of the Earth is dark matter. What percentage is it?

#28. After which planet was uranium, a chemical element, named?

#29. How many planets in the solar system are larger than Earth?

#30. Which planet was discovered in 1946?

#31. Which of all the planets is the farthest from the sun?

#32. Which astronomer is known for formulating the three laws of planetary motion?

#33. Why do planets shine?

#34. Which planet is also called Marduk?

#35. Hamilia moons orbit which planet?

#36. Which planet was the first to be discovered with a telescope?

#37. A ship named Mariner 4 was the first to flyby to which planet?

#38. Between 2004 and 2018, Exploration Rovers was investigating which planet?

#39. Who was the first US astronaut to orbit the Earth?

#40. Which planet in the solar system is named after the Roman god of Love?

#41. Which planet was first predicted to exist by mathematical calculations?

#42. Which is the largest celestial body which is nearest to the Earth?

#43. What was the name of the first human-crewed space mission to land on space (Moon)?

#44. What is the name of the first astronaut to walk on the Moon?

#45. Which planet had 931 artificial satellites by the start of the year 2011?

#46. What planet is surrounded by a beautiful ring around it?

#47. Which planet has nine continuous rings around it?

#48. Which is the biggest planet in the solar system?

#49. Which is the last planet in the solar system?

#50. What doe the name 'Earth' means in old English?


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