50 Holidays Trivia Questions and Answers

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Holidays are indeed the most wonderful and fun time of the year. It is the time to meet old friends and family members. With all the common holiday events, the holiday fun is incomplete without the trivia plan. Are you ready to take your year’s holidays to another level? Then, consider playing icebreaker trivia questions.

Our holiday trivia includes informing, entertaining, and ice-breaking questions to keep your night going. Take up the challenge and try to answer the following questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Holidays Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. When was the largest Easter egg created?

#2. Which country came up with the idea of putting up Christmas trees?

#3. The Halloween Festival originated in which country?

#4. In which year was the first New Year's ball dropped?

#5. Saint Patrick's Day is a famous holiday. Where was Saint Patrick born?

#6. What is the actual or real name of Santa Claus?

#7. Which are the top-selling fruits during the summer holiday?

#8. Which country owns the largest waterpark in the world?

#9. Which country created the largest Easter egg?

#10. An ice pop is a famous piece during summer. Did it originate from which American State?

#11. The Diwali Festival lasts for how many days?

#12. The Summer Olympics are held after how many years?

#13. Which country hosted the very first Summer Olympics games?

#14. In which year was Christmas declared a National Holiday?

#15. Which is the most celebrated and popular Jewish holiday?

#16. When was the Kwanzaa holiday first celebrated?

#17. Which of these colors is not associated with the Kwamzaa festival?

#18. Which month in the US is referred to as National Ice Cream Month?

#19. What was the height of the tallest summer bonfire ever recorded?

#20. Ice creams are common foods during summer. Where did they originate from?

#21. Which summer day do we celebrate National Lemonade Day?

#22. In which city is the Lollapalooza music festival held?

#23. Which of the following is Not a summer holiday?

#24. Which cloth is mostly bought in the US during the summer holiday?

#25. When is National Blueberry Month celebrated in the US?

#26. In which country are the students given 12 weeks off during summer?

#27. Which US States hosted the first city-wide Halloween celebration?

#28. Which Christian holiday comes before the Halloween holiday?

#29. Which is the national Candy Corn Day?

#30. Halloween is the second busiest holiday of all time. Which is first?

#31. Which holiday features the biggest travel day of the year?

#32. Which year had the first Thanksgiving holiday?

#33. Which US States hosts the biggest Halloween parade?

#34. What is the other name for Easter Bunny in Australia?

#35. What do Spain people eat at midnight on New year's Eve?

#36. Besides the Kwanzaa holiday, which other holiday uses a candelabra?

#37. Which American State hosted the first St. Patrick's Day?

#38. Which US state records the oldest 4th of July Parade?

#39. The Easter eggs in Switzerland come from which bird?

#40. Hannukah is a famous holiday. What does the word Hannukah mean?

#41. In the Northern Hemisphere, when does the summer begin?

#42. Which country is known for eating KFC on the Christmas holiday?

#43. Which is the top-selling Christmas movie of all time?

#44. Why is July 4th special to Americans?

#45. Which State in the US was the first to declare July 4th an official holiday?

#46. Which is the best-selling Christmas album of all time?

#47. The Nativity took place where?

#48. Which of the following is a key item in the Kwanzaa holiday?

#49. Which Christian holiday is celebrated in early January?

#50. NFL began its matches on which holiday?


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