50 Internet Trivia Questions and Answers

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The Internet is one of the latest trends in the market. It is a cloud-based technology that allows users to share, communicate, and research in real time. Everybody wishes to be an Internet guru. If you’re one, you came to the right place. If you want to be one, this article covers.

This article has the best Internet trivia questions worth your time and attention. Try and tackle the following internet questions, and gauge how well you understand the internet workarounds. Grab a cup of coffee and wear your magic cap. Let’s the challenge begin.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Internet Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. What is the meaning of WWW?

#2. In which year was Facebook founded?

#3. What are google, yahoo, and Bing?

#4. Firefox logo features a fox. What does it surround?

#5. AOL company was previously known as what?

#6. The first high-television was released in which year?

#7. In which year was AOL launched?

#8. Which was the first ever instant messaging service?

#9. By 2013 who had the highest percentage of Twitter followers in the world?

#10. The US has what percentage of people online?

#11. Sony PlayStation cost how much when it was released?

#12. What does RSS' stand for?

#13. What is the estimate of blogs on the Internet?

#14. What is the number of active Facebook users?

#15. According to statistics, what percentage of Emails are spam?

#16. What adverts appear on the screen without the user wanting them to know?

#17. When was the first blog made?

#18. What other name refers to the spy program that peeks at users' data secretly?

#19. When did Marvin Gaye pass away?

#20. When was GeoCities shut down in the US?

#21. In which one country do GeoCities still operate?

#22. Which two states were connected in the first-ever internet connection test?

#23. Who sent the most retweeted tweet in the year 2013?

#24. Complete the name of the most previously popular search engine: Ask___?

#25. Hat does the letter R mean in 'URL'?

#26. In China, which is the most used search engine?

#27. What name is given to the span received online via mobile phones?

#28. People who observe internet sites but don't participate are called?

#29. Which one among these websites is popular for buying and selling goods and services?

#30. Which is the name of the popular song on the Internet?

#31. In the Arcade game, what chased Pac-Man?

#32. What color was Pac-Man?

#33. What system stops malicious content from entering a computer?

#34. What name do we call the temporary line holding data in a computer?

#35. In which year was Skype first released?

#36. Which is the most used online method of money transfer?

#37. What Does the letter 'E' in Email mean?

#38. When was Windows Live Messenger discontinued in the US?

#39. In what country did the person who invented World Wide Web come from?

#40. What do we call the websites through which people communicate?

#41. Free softwares are often called what?

#42. Which was the first search engine?

#43. When did Queen Elizabeth II send her first royal Email?

#44. Which is the US's educational internet extension?

#45. In which year was eBay launched?

#46. What name do we call a popular image spread through social media?

#47. Google Internet browser is called what?

#48. What is an intranet?

#49. Who sent the World's First Email?

#50. What does DNS mean?


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